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Posted on: 2005/5/18 10:52
hal9000 (Show more)
Just popping in
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help admin files vanished?

I have just installedthe nice looking kubrick theme and went to my preferences to edit them so I secoulde what it looked like and had problems saving my prefs.
I then ttrio ed refresh my admin stuff and it wouldn't.
So I checked the files in the admin folder to see if I could use a different URL. aAnd they are all gone
Ever file from my /admin folder has vanished?

And ive checked the dowloadable 2.1.0 file and there is no admin folder.
what have i got to do to get these files back?
oh and i checked my logs and i didnt delete the files?


/ edit actually is there supposed to be anything there?
or is it just the admin.php file?


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Posted on: 2005/5/24 9:15
kavaXtreme (Show more)
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Re: help admin files vanished?

I take it you installed Kubrick on 2.1? It's never been tested there, but I know for certain it doesn't mess things up in 2.0.10 installs.