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Posted on: 2005/3/23 15:16
webe3d (Show more)
Just popping in
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New to CSS and Xoops


I have my XOOPS site up, but now I want my own look - of course. And all I'm shooting for is a face-lift.

So I'm guessing that it works like this:

1. Use a graphics program to make the face, including buttons or menus.

2. Pull it into an HTML editor and get the menus working the way you want.

3. In the header, make calls to the external CSS files.

4. Save the new theme.html and CSS's to a new folder under themes and ... you're done?

Thank you for your help. (and I did do a search, but couldn't find anything simple enouh.)


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Posted on: 2005/5/19 18:44
kavaXtreme (Show more)
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Re: New to CSS and Xoops

The bad news is that at this level "simple" is probably not a word you'd use. But things are pretty easy considering the level of involvement.

Perhaps the easiest way to start is to make a copy of your current theme. Then open your the copy and tweak the images/HTML/CSS to look the way you want.

If that doesn't get you where you want to be, take a look at Anatomy of the Default Theme. Also, try browsing the FAQ section. It's got helpful entries like this.