Changing template pages for newbb how do i make them take effect
  • 2005/3/3 4:28

  • seankann

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I changed the template for viewtopic

Now that I have changed it.. How do i make it take full effect on my website for that?

Everything else with the page is ok..

I just want the viewtopic to show each persons replies and not the default


I also just saw this as well in the forum.. flat.. is there a way to make that default as well..

I still want to know how to make the template pages take effec so i know for future.

Thanks in advance,

Re: Changing template pages for newbb how do i make them take effect
  • 2005/3/3 5:51

  • JasonMR

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XOOPS uses the templates as they come, which is refered to as the Default Template Set.

If you make changes to the template files directly (meaning, you go into a template folder, change a file from within, and save changes), then you have in actuall fact changed the default template of the module. XOOPS doesn't know this! And the only way to make it aware of it, is to update the module (sys admin -> modules -> button to the right in the table listing all installed modules).

The "Official" XOOPS way, of changing templates is the following:

- open Sys Admin -> Template manager
- clone Default Template Set
- edit templates of cloned template set
- open Sys Admin -> Preferences -> General Settings, and change the default template set, to the cloned


BTW: could you make your templates available? We are just developing a XOOPS Theme Forge (XTF), which will have a template repository, in which I would like to post your creations. Further there has been a project started on XTF specificly addressing the newBB templates, and I'm sure the particpants would appreciate to learn about your efforts.

Please contact me via PM or YIM:pjay_dml




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