Well...that was an annoying adventure
  • 2004/12/29 19:38

  • djsckizo

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"Don't access this site too continuously."

I just spent about 12 hours trying to get my site straight, upgraded with newbb2 Final, XOOPS 2.0.9, upgraded myalbum to the latester version, redid my whole them...then found out that there was a new version of Xoops. So, I upgraded. And got locked out of my site. I don't know if it was Antidos that did it or what.

So I looked around the forum. My ip wasn't being blocked in the database, so I proceeded to freak out and have flashbacks of Nam, even though I'm not old enough to have been in it. Also, my theory that machines are out to get me was once again becoming apparent.

Anyway, I'm not sure how I got back in. I started going backwards again (putting the old files back). However, I also cleared my cache and templates_c files too, so I don't know what actually fixed it. Any ideas why something like this would happen? Just in case it happens again...

Re: Well...that was an annoying adventure
  • 2004/12/31 9:42


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The easiest way for rescueing is to access the site via some IP but banned.
After this, disable IP ban or eliminate the IP from system admin.

If you can't, edit your database directly via phpMyAdmin etc.

TABLE: *_config
WHERE: conf_name = 'enable_badips'
SET: conf_value = 0

Anyway, AntiDoS-P is alread dead.
After uninstalling it, install Protecter instead.

Protector has rescue mode also.

Re: Well...that was an annoying adventure
  • 2005/1/2 6:13

  • djsckizo

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I ended up doing that actually (phpmyadmin area), but I wasn't sure if that is what had fixed it or not. That same day is when I first ran across Protector. I plan on putting it on my XOOPS sites.


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