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This is not a question.........

I have been a long time owner of a phpnuke site. sence it was in the early ver. 6.xxx

i left nuke for XOOPS after ver. 7.5
my XOOPS vers is (

now im posting this because ive read a few post the stated there they found ways to convert phpnuke to xoops. or postnuke to xoops.but all the links dont work.Ive look via Yahoo,msn,lycos,ect. and found very little to make this a smoother tranaction. but after finding ways to make this work.
im here i show you how to do this. and make the site work with all members intact all forum post intact.
This is not a easy task so be prepared to site infrunt of your screen for a while.

first. read this.Quote:
1. Upload a fresh copy of PHPBB2 to the new directory, I used version 2.0.11.

2. Use PHPMyAdmin to drop the following tables in the fresh copy: Auth-access, Topics, Categories, Forums, Posts, Posts_text.

3. Then use PHPMyAdmin to export the above tables from the PHPNuke copy (nuke_bb*) then change the nuke_bb values to phpbb_ or whatever your prefix is and import them into the fresh copy. Be sure to choose data AND structure when exporting the original tables.

4. Then export data AND structure of the nuke_users table. Again change all the nuke_ values to phpbb_ and import it. Now some tricky modding, you'll have to convert the regdate to unixtime, so in phpmyadmin edit all the user_regdate fields. See http://www.onlineconversion.com/unix_time.htm for a online unixtime converter.

5. When that is done, alter the user table by deleting all fields that NOT start with user_ (except username).

6. Then export DATA only of the following nuke fields: nuke_bbgroups and nuke_bbuser_groups. Again change the nuke_bb values to phpbb_ and then import them.

7. Now set the user_level of your admin in your phpbb_users table to 1.

8. Set some of your configuration options, and your done. PHPNuke can be deleted safely, but first make sure the forum works fine!

that part will take tou a while.

next you need to convert phpBB2 to xoops
this you can find here in the downloads of xoops.
phpBB2 converted to XOOPS < click here >
and there you have it.

But there are a few things you should do before you start these prosseses.

1. remove all avitars from every members profile. if not youll get a red X for each avitar. with a source or


as you know this is not a valid location.

2nd. all Signature's must be removed from each members profile. or youll have to go threw each one in XOOPS and change it from html code to php code.
As for my site i went the extra mile for my members and whent xipb.youll have to convert phpbb2 to ipb the to xipb. phpbb2 to ipb coverter < click here >
then youll have to convert ipb to xipb. and for this youll have to got to bbpixel to get this converter.ipb to xipb converter <click here > but youll need to talk to "koudanshi" for the correct one. there you have it.

the conesion from php-nuke to XOOPS & phpnuke to XOOPS w/ xipb.

if you take your time youll have it working correctly.

if i missed somthing or if you now of a better way. please note it in a post. and sorry for ant incorrect words.


Re: php-nuke converted to xoops

I think this deserves a place in the faq for any php-nuke converts. Never had to do this. Looks complicated. But if it works to retain site information good job.


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