newbb2 installation
  • 2004/11/8 0:09

  • reWARder

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Hi alltogether

I really hope to some answers of you belonging to the installation of newbb2.

I'm using XOOPS version 2.0.7 and newbb1.0.

1. In the installation file you write that first I have to delete the newbb(1.0) folder on my installed version of xoops. When I delete the newbb(1.0) folder on my server don't I delete all the forum entries or are they stored in an "external" databese? I only want to update the newbb1.0 forum to the newbb2.0rc3 forum. It absolutely isn't in my intrest to delete the forum entries!

2. What happens when I upload newbb2.0rc3 in a specific folder located in modules and I'm going to try to install newbb2.0 via the admin panel?

3. Where can I get a German language package?

Thank a lot for the time you took to answer my questions!

Re:newbb2 installation
  • 2004/11/8 0:27

  • brash

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Hi reWARder,

Firstly, if you are not highly familiar with XOOPS and the process of updating modules and other files, do NOT touch anything until you have made a full XOOPS (all your website files) and database backup. I am constantly amazed at the amount of times we still see people making major changes to their site without taking 15~20 minutes first to make a full backup of their sites.

1) All the newbb folder contains is the php files and images. The actual data is ALL contained in the MySQL database you configured when setting up Xoops. So by deleting the NewBB folder you are NOT deleting all the forums and posts and the like, you are only deleting the files used to manipulate/add/delete the data in the database.

2) You need to upload the newbb folder and all it's contents that you unzipped/rar'd from your NewBB 2 download to your modules directory. It is very important that the module directoy structure is not changed. Once you have done that you'll need to run the Newbb 1 to Newbb 2 RC3 update script to configure the newbb database tables to the format needed for newbb2 RC3, and also to migrate all your data from newbb1 to newbb 2 RC3. Once you have done this, then you will need to goto the modules admin section in the XOOPS admin panel and update the newbb forum module.

3) Don't know for this one sorry.

Re:newbb2 installation
  • 2004/11/8 1:01

  • reWARder

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Thanks a lot for your detailed answer!

I am constantly amazed at the amount of times we still see people making major changes to their site without taking 15~20 minutes first to make a full backup of their sites.

Exactly this is the point why I answered these three major questions.

In this case I'm going to try out installing newbb2.0.

Re:newbb2 installation
  • 2004/11/8 1:09

  • Anonymous

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The complete german language files for the final will be available soon, currently http://www.xoops-city.de is working on the parts i didnĀ“t finished ( a lot parts )

Re:newbb2 installation
  • 2004/11/8 2:10

  • reWARder

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Thank you too Predator.

I found the thread where I could download the german language files: German Language Files for Newbb2

Re:newbb2 installation
  • 2004/12/1 11:15

  • ervik

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I am getting this message after installing the newbb2.0rc3 module.

NewbbForumHandler::getForums error::SELECT forum_id, parent_forum, forum_name, forum_desc, forum_type, forum_moderator, cat_id, forum_posts, forum_topics FROM xoops_bb_forums ORDER BY forum_order

Could you please tell me what this is?
The forum does not work as it should now... I can always go back yo my backup, but I want newbb2.0rc3 to work!

Pleae help!

Re:newbb2 installation
  • 2004/12/1 13:11

  • ervik

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I also get this error when trying to create a new forum, after the upgrade from newbb1.0 -> newbb2.0rc3

I did the upgrade accourding to the readme.txt file that was incl. in the newbb2.0rc3 pack... and still this happens! Could anybody please tell me what to do???

NewbbForumHandler::insert error::INSERT INTO xoops_bb_forums (forum_id, forum_name, forum_desc,parent_forum, forum_moderator, forum_topics,forum_posts,forum_last_post_id, cat_id, forum_type, allow_html, allow_sig, allow_subject_prefix, hot_threshold, forum_order, allow_attachments,attach_maxkb, attach_ext, allow_polls,subforum_count) VALUES (0, 'TEST', 'TEST ', 0, '',0,0,0, 29, 0, 1, 1,1, 10, 0, 1, 1000, 'zip|gif|jpg', 1,0 )


Re:newbb2 installation
  • 2004/12/1 13:16

  • irmtfan

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first: plz get the final preview version from dev site and try that:
second: look at this topic at xoops2.org :


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