keeping installed modules updated
  • 2004/8/17 19:55

  • dkroft

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Is anyone else wondering how to keep installed modules updated - somewhat automatically?
Xoops makes it easy enough to go into the Admin Menu, Modules and update the modules individually.
This gets rather tedious, and creates a maintenance issue.

And not that blindly applying all updates is a great idea either.

I haven't figured out a solution for myself yet, but am asking around how other Xoop'ers keep their sites sparkly brite!

I would think each module could have some diff summarizing the changes, and these could be recorded when the updates are applied.

Also, an "Update All Modules" could be handy (or very dangerous)

Any thoughts?

Re: keeping installed modules updated
  • 2004/8/17 20:57

  • Dave_L

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My approach is conservative. I don't trust anyone else's code (or even mine, for that matter).

I would first update a module on a test site, and do some checking to see if it works ok and doesn't mess up anything else.

Then I would update the module on my production site, after backing up the site first (database and files).

I would only use an "update all modules" function if I had checked it out first on a test site, and I would still do a full backup first.

P.S. There's been some discussion at dev.xoops.org about enhancing XOOPS to make updating easier, but that's still in the concept phase.

Re: keeping installed modules updated
  • 2004/8/30 19:56

  • dkroft

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Thanks for your insight - and I agree.
I am curremtly working in several modes,
development in one area,
production in another.

In development, I am very interested in what features/etc are flowing in fromthe community.

In production, well, you've already described it.

I am thinking of running the dev on another port (and in another sql database) so users can play and experiment without interefering with the REAL work.

Re: keeping installed modules updated
  • 2004/8/31 0:09

  • brash

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I've often thought how good an update all option would be too. Although I only use half a dozen or so modules, so that is getting a bit lazy. having to update each module manually is another good reason why you shouldn't load up your site with modules you aren't going to use .

Re: keeping installed modules updated
  • 2004/10/8 18:38

  • dkroft

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and when a site IS actively using many modules?
this really is a valid need.

rss feed of module changes?
include a clickable link to incorporate the changes?


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