Installing Xoops on a live html site
  • 2004/10/8 1:23

  • MarkM

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I am sure this has been asked and answered before but I can't find it...

Can I install XOOPS on a site that is a live static html site using index.html as the main index in htdocs to test and configure XOOPS without adversely affecting the live site and if yes do I do so with the standard install instructions?

Part two (less critical but still of great interest) - is there an import into the forum from wwwthreads or gossamer threads or a way to integrate either of those two into the user login so users don't have two differnet logins on the site?


Re: Installing Xoops on a live html site
  • 2004/10/8 2:31

  • netwize

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#1. NO.. installing XOOPS over html is wont affect the site. XOOPS uses php .. and only when the index.html is removed .. will it default to xoops.

only prob if you the same folder as XOOPS .. like images ..

xoops will override it if you have the same image like images/logo.gif ..

#2. no idea of anymore port .. might want to check the forum of the original bb see if they have a porting script.



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