Combining WF-Section and WF-Channel
  • 2004/8/15 22:51

  • adwin

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Dear all Xoopers,

Suppose in my website, I have more than 4 services (lets call it A, B, C and D). I have a page (in WF-Channel) to explain that services and I also have section (WF-Section) for each services as well.

Now, I want to display top last 10 articles in WF-Channel.
Can i do that ? or should I do that manually ?

I would be grateful if someone can show me with the example as well.


Re: Combining WF-Section and WF-Channel
  • 2004/8/16 7:25

  • simonvl

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In the admin section, go to system-->blocks

Find WF-Section Top or WF-Section Recent depending whether you want the most read or latest articles.

Click Edit.

Choose where it goes and on which parts of the website it displays. Select "Visible in" WF-Channel, and you will get a mixed list across topics for the latest articles.

I don't know if there is an easy way to do this for each channel separately, you might have to php code it yourself. I can't help you with this bit.

Hope that helps


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