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  • 2004/8/3 23:05

  • john519

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I was recently contacted by a network marketing company, to create a website using XOOPS CMS. There organization has approx. 475,000 members.
Are there any maximum specs to XOOPS that we know of, or any limitations that I should be aware of in creating this monster?


Re: Xoops Max

User management will probably be hell - there are some known limitations in the groups management, once you get many users.

The biggest problem I see with almost half a million users is the hardware and bandwidth needed. Not to mention the stress on the MySQL database... We'd be very interested in hearing feedback, but I would think that ANY piece of web software would have problems coping with this amount of users.

Re: Xoops Max
  • 2004/8/3 23:23

  • Dave_L

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What's scary about this is that there are 475,000 people interested in network marketing.

Re: Xoops Max
  • 2004/8/3 23:30

  • john519

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I would hope that they all wouldn't jump on simutaneously, but you never know. It would be on a dual Xeon 2.6GHZ, with 3072MB of memory, and 2 terabytes of bandwidth a month.
One idea that came to mind was run duplicate sites on seperate servers, for less strain. Would that work?

Re: Xoops Max

When I said bandwidth, I didn't mean transfer limit, I meant actual bandwidth.

Let's say you get those 400.000+ users - even if "only" 10.000 are online, with 10 Kbit/s used for serving pages for each user, you would need a 100 MBit connection. If each webpage is around 40 KByte (not unrealistic), it would take up 400 MB of transfer just to serve that one page per user. If these 10.000 users are online at the same time, it would take 40 seconds before they had all received the page from the webserver.

With that math, your 2 terabytes will be over and done with after 50.000 clicks - i.e. 5 pages viewed by each of 10.000 users in a month... or 1000 users viewing 50 pages - and if your content is good and your userbase is half a million people, that is not at all a high number.

Good luck - If your user calculations are correct, you are in for a real treat in how to run a high-performance webserver, because that will be needed
*crossing fingers for you.. and XOOPS*

Re: Xoops Max
  • 2004/8/4 1:35

  • RicoCali

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The only thing i would suggest is to not host it at home on a dial-up

Re: Xoops Max
  • 2004/8/4 1:45

  • tom

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Something for XOOPS in the future maybe the ability to have Load Handling, by this I mean allow XOOPS to be shared amongest servers.

Would this be possible, I've seen something simlar before, and it must be, as large commercial companies do so with millions of customers.


Re: Xoops Max
  • 2004/8/4 3:14

  • jmass

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You can buy load balancers that go in front of the HTTP servers. These HTTP servers can access the same DB on a seperate high performance server. My big concern would be the performance of MySQL. Apache can scale (with multiple severs), harware load balancers can help, but MySQL does not cluster as far as I know.

Good luck, I hope you priced this project right - it ain't gonna be cheap!


PS - One box is not enough.

Re: Xoops Max
  • 2004/8/4 6:55

  • brash

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Looks like MySQL can be clustered: http://www.mysql.com/products/cluster/

Re: Xoops Max
  • 2004/8/4 7:15

  • tom

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So in essence, the load of a XOOPS site can be shared over many sites and db's?


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