News 1.63 - Need an "Enable Line Break" option

I prefer to use the FCKeditor, and it works wonderfully in the News module. However, because it generates HTML, I do not want News to insert line breaks.

CBB has an option to enable line break which I can uncheck. I'd like to see a similar option put into a new release of News. Of, if someone has already made a hack to fix it, that would be sweet.
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Re: Joomla Vs. Xoops

Umm ... XOOPS 2.4 isn't even out. What are you talking about?

FWIW, I've looked at basic skeletal code for Joomla, and in some cases, it's a lot harder than it needs to be for simple stuff. The tutorials that I've been able to find for Joomla development aren't nearly as good as some of the ones that exist for XOOPS.

But that's my take on it.
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Re: module creation tutorial

The Kaotik tutorials are pretty good, but one thing I've found is that they try to do too much stuff at once, which can be difficult to manage if you're new to module development.
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Re: Blank page problem with Team (Clan)-Module 3.0.1

Found it. Move Line 19 to Line 3 in roster.php.

The problem is that the code is trying to assign a template before the header is loaded, which is giving you a whitescreen. This also explains why I could see your roster as an anonymous user to your site.

From first glance, that's the only issue I saw with the code. Let me know if there are any other caveats.
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Re: Streaming audio question

My take on this ... you still need some kind of method to broadcast. I'm a huge fan of IceCast as a server ... much moreso than Shoutcast.

To broadcast, you'll need something like EdCast on oddsock.org. I prefer Spacial Audio's SAM4 ... but that might be outside your budget.

Now, to integrate that with your site or whatnot, I've got the UHQ-Radio-Basic module, which is enough to give you what's playing, a tune-in link, and a way to extract a show name if you have one. :)
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Re: Herko is selling XOOPS.COM, domain donated to the XOOPS Project in 2004

My take on this ... everyone's making a mountain out of a molehill. Unless the project intends to get into the squatting business, it's not worth the squabble, especially since the main domain name is not at stake.

I'm not entirely new to XOOPS ... just the community, and I can clearly see this isn't worth the struggle.
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