Re: A xoops module generator to test
  • 2006/1/12 17:37

  • oryxvet

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ok, what can do this module? any "marketing" material?

Oryxgen is a module generator based on database tables structure. It settles like any other module and is used in the user part of xoop. It is accessible only for an administrator profile.
You can generate any "marketing" module as you can.
The Oryxgen module is generated by itself. It is thus an example of ergonomics and possibilities offered by a generated module.

Oryxgen is distribuate with GNU GPL licence.

(I think the url may be wrong on the second version?)

Sorry for the brocken link
Here is the last version 0.5

I think it's a cool idea, but I'm not in a position where I can offer to test it. Thanks for working on it and for letting us know.

I spent some time (approximately an hour) using oryxgen to develop a module of block management starting from the 3 existing XOOPS tables
- modules
- newblocks
- block_module_link

This module built with oryxgen 5.0 in less than one hour is an real alternative to the XOOPS administration menu for managed the block and the groups.

You can download directly oryxblock here http://www.oryxvet.com/dev/upload/oryxblock_0.1.rar
Install it to see the result of the generated module

Or you can you can install oryxgen then import oryxblock data with the "Load oryxblock" block and generate yourself the oryxblock module. Select the "oryxblock" module then to launch the following actions
- generate structure
- generate language
- generate xoopsversion
- generateblock
- generate program

Now to finish your development of module your must personalize the generated language file and your must also code the side.inc.php file to introduice the 5 "block positions" values
$side_values = array (
'1'                 => SIDE_1// right
'2'                 => SIDE_2// left ...
'3'                 => SIDE_3,
'4'                 => SIDE_4,
'5'                 => SIDE_5

I would be grateful to have a return.


Re: A xoops module generator to test
  • 2006/1/6 17:14

  • oryxvet

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That does not seem interest anybody.
No return here

Here is a new version of the module :

www.oryxvet.com/dev/upload/oryxgen 0.4.rar

Next version with a permission group managment.

A xoops module generator to test
  • 2005/12/23 15:37

  • oryxvet

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I'm looking for people who want to test this new beta version of a XOOPS generator
I'll reached a final status and then will submitted to the XOOPS repository.

Here is the dowload url :


Happy Chrismas

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