Re: XOOPS criminalised in the UK?

I've also come across this one before, and as M0nty says, it's 99.99% unenforcable.

Like most legislation in the UK at the moment, it seems to be dreamt up by people trying to justify their job rather than to try and address any real issues - rant over.

However, it's more to do with accessability/readability standards than followin correct W3C guidlines.

If you want to try to get around it then create a text only theme with large fonts, give it a name something like "accessability" and stick it in the theme switcher. Nobody could possibly complain then (OK - Nobody *should* be able to complain about it then). If you don't want the theme switcher block visible to everyone, then create an "Accessability" link off the main page to a page with just the theme switcher on it, and maybe some explanation.
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Re: [design] Which site's designs do you like best?

I have one other spin on this - the main reason I am a XOOPS user (not joomla/drupal/owt else) is when I visited this site for the first time I could find everything I needed straight away. Look at Joomla - Where are the manuals? Where are the downloads?

This site does have an overall flow which makes it very quick to get the basic information and then go digging deeper for more. It works. It might not be the prettiest (but the new logo and theme is great) but whatever you do, please don't spoil this usability.

Hope this helps,
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Different Blocks in Different Themes?

Hi All,

Is it possible to display different blocks in different themes?

The application/reason is that I want to create a "simple" theme for newer users who are not presented with so much information. Going on to a different theme would then allow them access to more modules.

I guess it could be hacked using something like Center Left and Center Right blocks, and not displaying one sort, but I'm looking for something a bit more generic than this.

I'm guessing it's not possible as it goes against the sort of XOOPS philosophy, but you're a creative bunch so I'd welcome any suggestions....

Many thanks,
Gareth Wilden
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Banners in Other Locations

Hi All,

I've read this FAQ


which is great, but doesn't do what I need. I'm trying to replace the partners module with something that is integrated into the Banners system, so advertisers can track impressions that are made. There is a comment on this FAQ asking this question, but unfortunately no answer

What I need to be able to do is:

Have n (currently 3) banners listed in this area, all need to be different!

Use a smaller banner size than the original! I have tried to modify the $imageurl parameter (by appending "_small", which is then interpreted as an image type; and I can't use "_small.gif" in case it's a jpg, and vice versa)

Can anybody suggest a way around these, please?

Many thanks,
Gareth Wilden.
Don't follow me, I'm lost too!

Re: member picture every week?

There are several "random" images modules out there that could be adapated to do this. I've tried one of the pin-up ones to give a new picture on the front page each time it was accessed, but have since decided against this.

Along similar lines:

1) Is it possible to create a "Newest Members" block with this kind of information?

2) is it possible create a "Latest Contriubution" block to post the picture/avatar image for a user in a block for the last user to update/post anything on the site (Forum topic, Comment, Article, link, anything????)

Can admin log-on as other user?

Hi All,

I've searched the FAQ's on this but can't find anything relevant, - but then again I'm not suree I know how to phrase the question.

What I want to know is can the site administrator/webmaster log-in as another user ( similar to su -username in *nix).

The reason being, I've told someone that I would try and upload some photo's in a photoalbum (Xcgal) of theirs as they are having PC problems at the moment. Thing is, I don't want them posted as coming from the webmaster.

I realise there could be a *lot* of security implications in doing this, but the webmaster should be considered safe, and I would not extend this to any other user.

Does anybody know if this is possible to achieve?

Many thanks,
Gareth Wilden

Re: Bookings or Reservations Module

Thanks - looks like that will do what I want!

Re: Bookings or Reservations Module


very good!if you readed it tell us what is all windows about?!

It says "Resistance Is Futile. You Will be assimilated."

OK - it's a recycled joke but it doesn't make it less funny or untrue.....

Re: Bookings or Reservations Module

I agree, I put the original post in the wrong category and can't delete it. Many apologies

I'll go and read Windows Manuals for an hour as punishment...

Re: Bookings or Reservations Module

Apologies for the duplication, original post probabl in wrong location.

Still Grateful for any suggestions,

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