Re: pop3 module
  • 2004/6/24 15:46

  • cerbero

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Im using webmail 1.2, a module for XOOPS from http://gererstorfe.net but i didn't test it with 2.0.7

converter for forum
  • 2004/6/23 9:45

  • cerbero

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dear friends:

i have download from http://www.herve-thouzard.com the "phpBB 2.0 to XoopsBB 1.0 Converter"(a query in sql) but i need to convert from the koundachi's module x-phpbb to newbb. Here is the sql query:

# phpBB 2.0 to XoopsBB 1.0 Converter
# Copyright (C) 2002 Randall Emery
# This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
# modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
# as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2
# of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
# This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
# but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
# GNU General Public License for more details.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
# along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
# Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307, USA.

# Purpose:
# The script was designed to transfer categories, forums, users, and posts
# from phpBB 2.0 to XoopsBB 1.0.
# Assumptions:
# - phpBB 2.0 and XoopsBB 1.0 are installed on the same database
# - if user is in both phpBB an XoopsBB, they have the same user name in
# - XoopsBB 1.0 is currently empty and phpBB 2.0 has contents to transfer
# - phpBB 2.0 tables are prefixed with "phpbb_"
# - XoopsBB 1.0 tables are prefixed with "xoops_bb_"
# If the phpBB 2.0 and XoopsBB 1.0 tables are on different databases, please
# do a dump of the phpBB 2.0 tables and add then do a restore to the
# database that contains your XOOPS installation.
# If you have users on both systems, make sure that they have the same user
# name in each system before running this script.
# If your table prefixes differ, please do a global search on these prefixes,
# replacing them with the correct prefixes for your installation.
# Directions:
# This script can be executed using phpMyAdmin or from the command line.
# Using phpMyAdmin, you can first click on the name of your database, then
# scroll down until you see "Run SQL query/queries on database". You can either
# cut and paste this script into this area, or locate this script from your
# home machine by pressing the "Browse:" button and then clicking on "Go."
# To run this script from the command line, use the following format:
# MySQL -u -p -h database < phpBB2_XoopsBB_Converter.sql
# Notes:
# Due to differences in supported functionality between phpBB 2.0 and XoopsBB 1.0,
# some items cannot be converted:
# - Polls that accompany topics
# - Topics watch (e-mail alerts when responses are posted)
# - Security by group (groups are copied, but security is translated to indidual users)
# Known issues:
# - Number of posts is not converted for users that already exist in Xoops
# - If your users have avatars, they will have to reload them

# Preliminary step - clear out Xoops_BB tables
# This is here primarily in case there is an error in the script and you need to execute again.
# Modified by Hervé Thouzard the 17 april 2004
# The missing records in the xoops_groups_users_link are now added
# WARNING don't forget to modify this table manually once the operation is finished
# to change your webmaster group from 2 to 1

DELETE FROM xoops_bb_posts_text;
DELETE FROM xoops_bb_posts;
DELETE FROM xoops_bb_topics;
DELETE FROM xoops_bb_forum_access;
DELETE FROM xoops_bb_forums;
DELETE FROM xoops_bb_categories;
DELETE FROM xoops_groups_users_link;

# First, copy over categories.

INSERT INTO xoops_bb_categories (cat_id, cat_title, cat_order)
SELECT cat_id, cat_title, format(cat_order, 0)
FROM phpbb_categories ;

# Second, copy forums.
# The security set ups are not identical in each system. The following translation rules are used:
# If phpBB forum read access = ALL, set XoopsBB forum type to Public, else set forum type to Private.
# If phpBB forum post access = ALL, set XoopsBB forum access to Anonymous,
# else if forum post access = REG or PRIVATE, set forum access to Registered Users Only,
# else set forum access to Moderators Only.

INSERT INTO xoops_bb_forums (forum_id, forum_name, forum_desc, forum_topics, forum_last_post_id, cat_id,
forum_type, forum_access, forum_posts)
SELECT forum_id, forum_name, forum_desc, forum_topics, forum_last_post_id, cat_id,
IF(auth_read=0,0,1), IF(auth_post=0,2,IF(auth_post<3,1,3)), forum_posts
FROM phpbb_forums ;

# Third, copy users. This is a complex step because some users may exist in both systems
# and some may only exist in one system.

DROP TABLE temp_uid_map;
CREATE TABLE temp_uid_map (phpbb_uid mediumint(8), xoops_bb_uid int(5) NULL, link int(1) default 1) ;

# New users from phpBB

# Note: following table is only required because MySQL does not support
# nested select functionality in UPDATE command (planned for MySQL 4)

CREATE TABLE temp_max_xoops_uid (max_uid int(5) NULL, link int(1) default 1);

INSERT INTO temp_max_xoops_uid (max_uid)
FROM xoops_users

INSERT INTO temp_uid_map (phpbb_uid, xoops_bb_uid)
SELECT p.user_id, m.max_uid+p.user_id
FROM phpbb_users p
LEFT JOIN xoops_users x ON p.username = x.uname
LEFT JOIN temp_max_xoops_uid m ON m.link = 1
AND p.user_id > 0;

DROP TABLE temp_max_xoops_uid;

INSERT INTO xoops_users (uid, name, uname, email, url,
user_regdate, user_from, user_sig, user_viewemail,
user_aim, user_yim, user_msnm, user_icq,
pass, posts, attachsig,
theme, umode, bio, user_avatar)
SELECT t.xoops_bb_uid, ' ', p.username, left(p.user_email,60), p.user_website,
p.user_regdate, p.user_from, p.user_sig, IF(p.user_viewemail is null, 0, p.user_viewemail),
p.user_aim, p.user_yim, p.user_msnm, p.user_icq,
p.user_password, p.user_posts, p.user_attachsig,
' ', 'flat', ' ', 'blank.gif'
FROM phpbb_users p, temp_uid_map t
WHERE p.user_id = t.phpbb_uid ;

# Ajout Hervé
INSERT INTO xoops_groups_users_link (groupid, uid) SELECT 2, u.uid FROM xoops_users u

# Matching user IDs - don't copy over any user information

INSERT INTO temp_uid_map (phpbb_uid, xoops_bb_uid)
SELECT p.user_id, x.uid
FROM phpbb_users p, xoops_users x
WHERE p.username = x.uname ;

# Anonymous user IDs

INSERT INTO temp_uid_map (phpbb_uid, xoops_bb_uid) values (-1,0) ;

# Fourth, copy security access to forums.

INSERT INTO xoops_bb_forum_access (forum_id, user_id, can_post)
SELECT a.forum_id, t.xoops_bb_uid, a.auth_post
FROM phpbb_auth_access a, phpbb_user_group u,
phpbb_forums f, temp_uid_map t
WHERE a.group_id = u.group_id
AND a.forum_id = f.forum_id
AND u.user_id = t.phpbb_uid
AND a.auth_read = 1
AND f.auth_read > 0
AND u.user_id > 0;

# Fifth, copy topics.

INSERT INTO xoops_bb_topics (topic_id, topic_title, topic_poster,
topic_time, topic_views, topic_replies, topic_last_post_id, forum_id)
SELECT p.topic_id, p.topic_title, t.xoops_bb_uid,
p.topic_time, p.topic_views, p.topic_replies, p.topic_last_post_id, p.forum_id
FROM phpbb_topics p, temp_uid_map t
WHERE p.topic_poster = t.phpbb_uid;

# Sixth, copy individual posts.

INSERT INTO xoops_bb_posts (post_id, topic_id, forum_id, post_time, uid,
poster_ip, subject, nohtml, nosmiley, attachsig)
SELECT p.post_id, p.topic_id, p.forum_id, p.post_time, t.xoops_bb_uid,
p.poster_ip, x.post_subject, NOT p.enable_html, NOT p.enable_smilies, p.enable_sig
FROM phpbb_posts p, phpbb_posts_text x, temp_uid_map t
WHERE p.poster_id = t.phpbb_uid
AND p.post_id = x.post_id;

# Seventh, copy post text.

INSERT INTO xoops_bb_posts_text (post_id, post_text)
SELECT post_id, replace(post_text, concat(':',bbcode_uid), '') FROM phpbb_posts_text;

# Clean up.

DROP TABLE temp_uid_map;

Someone could adapt this script to eliminate the transmigration of the users?(i think its posible to so)

thanks a lot and sorry for my poor english

Re: categories for groups
  • 2004/5/8 11:22

  • cerbero

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thanks a lot, i've tried yet but havent configured permissions correctly.
This is a good solution

categories for groups
  • 2004/5/4 15:21

  • cerbero

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dear friends:

I'm looking for a module for adding contents to my web but, with a peculiarity, i need to make categories, one for each group of users, in wich one the group users could publish his contents.

Is this exist??

Thank you and sorry foir my poor english(Im spanish).

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