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Userlog 1.01 RC1 released (Stable candidate version)

Posted by irmtfan on 2013/4/8 7:44:09 (5578 reads) | Posted on Modules
After introducing userlog 1.0 ALPHA as a new logger for xoops and doing many tests, adding features, bug fixing, enhancing performance with the help of many xoops members, ... It is the time to present the new version of userlog ( userlog version 1.01 RC1) to Xoops Community which is fully tested in real environments.

Special thanks:
mamba (for his vast help in all aspects), zyspec (who show me good code), tatane, Cesag (translation and guidance)


Userlog is a node logger which can log your user/visitor activities in your site from a preferred node.
This is a very useful tool for webmasters in busy sites. For example, you can log your other Admins navigation.

read more here: ... k/userlog/docs/readme.txt

- Log user activities and navigations.
- Can log users by getting user ID, user group or visitor IP.
- Logs can be stored in file, database or both.
- Any below user information and/or page data can be selected to be logged.

User ID,Username,Is Admin?(y/n),Groups,User Last Visit,User IP,User agent,URL (Request URI),Script name,Referer URI,Page title,Is Page admin?(y/n),Module dirname,Module name,Item name,Item ID,Request method (GET, POST, ...),$_GET,$_POST,$_REQUEST,$_FILES,$_ENV,$_SESSION,$_COOKIE,Headers list,Logger

- Any active module in your installation can be selected and userlog will log users activities only in those modules.
- You can navigate/delete/purge/export to CSV user logs in admin/logs.
- You can render logs from database or file source engine in admin/logs.php.
- To search for logs based on a criteria you have an advance form in admin/logs.php
- You can see/delete/rename/copy/merge/compress(zip)/export to CSV log files in admin/file.php.
- You can see total module views, total user views, total group views in admin/stats.php
- you have an advance form to see any item views using some criteria like what is the module/link/log time/viewer uid/viewer group id of the item in admin/stats.php
- by activating the views block you can set a most viewed items in a module or in the whole website in a specific period of time. e.g.: today most viewed (hot) news
- You can set the module as Active or Idle in preferences.
- If you need to store logs in a file, you can set the working path, working file size, working file name, ... in preferences.
- If you need to store logs in database, you can set the maximum logs thresholds (maximum number of logs and maximum time that logs are stored in the database) in preferences.
- Can be used as a backup/restore tool.
- Used JSON format to store arrays to database for better performance (instead of xoops core serialize).

XOOPS 2.5.5 PHP 5.3 MySQL 5.0

1- upload the userlog to /modules/userlog (upload the compressed file and decompressed via Cpanel is the best way to insure all files are correctly uploaded)
2- go to your admin -> system -> modules -> install
3- change the default settings to your desired in the module preferences.

Important notice: There is a new "ADDITIONAL permission in file for webmasters" addon introduced in userlog module.
if you want other webmasters dont have access to userlog module this addon is for you.
for more information go to userlog/admin/addon/perm.php
If you dont need this addon you just need to remove addon/perm.php

Install Warning:
This is a stable candidate version which means this version is fully tested in real environments. but anyway please install it in production websites with your own risk.
this module is not for newbies. you can easily down/damage your website by setting bad configurations.

report bugs and request features.

1.01 release (freeze version): ... les/userlog/releases/1.01
trunk (most recent revision):

will be added to sourceforge.

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Very useful.
thanks irmtfan

Published: 2013/4/8 7:58 • Updated: 2013/4/8 7:58
One of the coolest and most advanced XOOPS Modules in a while! Irmtfan did an an awesome job on this module! Congratulations!

And Irmtfan is one of the most friendliest guys to work with - always supportive, always friendly, always willing to listen to new ideas and feedback! We are very lucky to have him on the XOOPS Team!

Thank you Irmtfan for all your hard work!
Published: 2013/4/8 8:05 • Updated: 2013/4/8 8:06
Great job! Thanks for your work. This will get used extensively on my site.
But guys, you have to get out of this RC release rut.
By definition:"this version is fully tested in real environments." means its ready for full release.

People have various valid reasons for not using an RC anything. And although there are many great projects ongoing, none of them have made it out of RC.

Just my thoughts guys. Don't take it personally.

Published: 2013/4/8 8:39 • Updated: 2013/4/8 8:43
But guys, you have to get out of this RC release rut.
By definition:"this version is fully tested in real environments." means its ready for full release.

RC is just part of a regular release cycle. If there are no bugs reported, the next one version will be Final
Published: 2013/4/8 8:56 • Updated: 2013/4/8 8:56
@Dante7237 :
I understand you well because I hate to see many modules in XOOPS which are in RC or BETA phases for ages!!!
My first intention is making userlog stable ASAP. but it needs more tests and feedback from the community.
as you can see there is still some minor issues that should be concerned: ... id=352852#forumpost352852

I think userlog will break the record because it will be the fastest module that turns to stable in less that 2 months from its born.
I even break some releasing rules and didnt announce any beta version to speed up it.

Anyway my defined deadline for an stable version is 15-4-2013 so please test and let me know if you find any issue ASAP.
Published: 2013/4/10 1:20 • Updated: 2013/4/10 1:20