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Updated Roadmap for XOOP 2.6.0

Posted by Mage on 2012/12/30 8:20:00 (22468 reads) | Posted on XOOPS
The Core Team is hard at work on XOOPS 2.6.0, as you can see from their commits to SVN (Remember, you can subscribe to our SVN mailing list to be notified about all SVN submissions.)

Below is the updated Roadmap for XOOPS 2.6.0:

Alpha 2

· Extracting some functionality from Core into separate extensions or modules.

- Comments.
- Notifications.

- Image manager.
- Search.
- qrcode
- logger
- xcaptcha
- xlanguage

· Integration of PDF library.

- use html2pdf in extension "pdf" (

· Content module.

- In order to easily add content "out of the box" .

· Menu Module.

- This system allow to create all kind of menus.

Everything in green is done.

Alpha 3

· Adding a theme manager in the system module.

- This section allows you to manage themes like modules so you can install, uninstall, or disable a theme.
- We can of course add a few settings in the theme (eg. Logo, size, etc. ..) and all these settings will be visible in the theme.

· Integration of rewrite mode in XOOPS.

· Modification of blocks positions.

· Adding several features requested.

- We have not yet defined which will be integrated. The core team will evaluate the request and integrate only one that will not delay the release of 2.6. For others they will be integrated into version 2.7


· Bugs fixed.


· Correction of the latest bugs.

Estimated Dates (Subject to change!)

Version Alpha 2: 15 January 2013

Version Alpha 3: 15 April 2013

Versions Beta ( 1, …): From April to Mai 2013

Versions RC ( 1, …): From Mai to Jun 2013

Final Version: August 2013

Your Core Development Team

Nicolas, Trabis, DuGris and Mage

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core team..

thank you for your hardwork

so far so good

keep the good work

XOOPS 4ever !!!

Happy new year !!
Published: 2012/12/30 8:46 • Updated: 2012/12/30 8:46
Awesome progress!

I am very happy to see all the changes, improvements, and refactoring, which will make XOOPS 2.6.0 the best release ever! More modular, more OOP, faster, and easier to use and to develop for!

But what I am most happy about, is the fact that we have several people working together on the Core and contributing to it!

A good teamwork is the most important factor for XOOPS' success, and I am so happy to see it finally happening!

Published: 2012/12/30 9:47 • Updated: 2012/12/30 10:02
Agreed Mamba with all points!

I look forward to some of the features they are coming up with.

I look forward to contributing as I can as well.

With the progress it does help get people motivated to want to help that is for sure.

Someone else pointed this out but since I have mentioned this elsewhere I won't go into long detail.. Currently Xoops uses the original Decade old MySQL connector that was designed for MySQL 3... It will apparently be around for a while... But here is the current status: ( I put this here for consideration.)

Published: 2012/12/30 11:55 • Updated: 2012/12/30 12:01
Great news!!!
In Brazil:
Published: 2012/12/30 12:06 • Updated: 2012/12/30 12:06
Sounds great!
Published: 2012/12/30 19:12 • Updated: 2012/12/30 19:12
Season Greetings everyone,

It has been a while since my last post here. But great to see the community and the development are moving forwards once again. I believe that the devs are doing a fantastic job, don't disturb the beehive guys unless you are willing to contribute positively.

I believe we are owe some kind of contrubution to this project.

Happy New Year. Blessings to all in the new year. cheers!
Published: 2012/12/31 11:34 • Updated: 2012/12/31 11:34
As pointed out there is no mention of a new language translation but I thought Trabis was in a conversation with someone about something related to this and maybe something could end up making it in? Would be nice to be able to support the current language system AND a new one if a high performance solution can be found...

Also I posted on the trabis 2.6 discussion thread on this but I am agreeing with someone else who mentioned that they thought due to the level of upgrades being done that we really should consider changing the name of this branch to 3.0. (Or 4.0 to prevent confusion with the failed 3.0 branch attempts.)

Because the alpha 2 version is so close to being ready we should consider changing the 2.6 alpha 2 release and call it the 3.0(4.0) Alpha 1 release and retire the 2.6 branches.
Published: 2013/1/1 10:38 • Updated: 2013/1/1 10:38
Because the alpha 2 version is so close to being ready we should consider changing the 2.6 alpha 2 release and call it the 3.0(4.0) Alpha 1 release and retire the 2.6 branches.

Let's not confuse everybody with sudden version changes!
Let's focus on delivering a solid and bug-free XOOPS 2.6.0!
See my response here
Published: 2013/1/1 11:20 • Updated: 2013/1/1 11:20

Mamba wrote:
A good teamwork is the most important factor for XOOPS' success

very true!

great job is done by the core team.


redheadedrod wrote:
there is no mention of a new language translation

Yes as i wrote in the previous roadmap, the only big missing part is translation/localization.

It seems Trabis will follow implementing INI files and some local functions support.

I know many tasks are remained to be done for this version.
Published: 2013/1/1 23:48 • Updated: 2013/1/1 23:48
Exciting and great news! very exciting times for XOOPS.
Published: 2013/1/3 14:51 • Updated: 2013/1/3 14:52
Traslated in Italian language on my site
Published: 2013/1/6 10:49 • Updated: 2013/1/6 10:49