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Vote for XOOPS at CMS Critics Awards

Posted by Mamba on 2012/11/11 9:30:00 (4359 reads) | Posted on XOOPS
Thanks everybody who nominated XOOPS for the CMS Critic Awards

Thanks to you we are now in the finals in this category:

- Best Free CMS

Now it's important that you vote for us!

VOTE TODAY!!!! Click ==> here


October 12, 2012 to November 12, 2012: Voting occurs.
December 1st, 2012 - Winners announced.


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I voted and frxoops team prepares for the news site
Published: 2012/10/12 10:54 • Updated: 2012/10/12 10:54
Thank you, Cedric!

Let's spread the word and let's vote!!!!
Published: 2012/10/12 11:12 • Updated: 2012/10/12 11:12
Whoever voted earlier, please vote again - they just changed the voting system and didn't move the votes.
Published: 2012/10/12 12:26 • Updated: 2012/10/12 12:26
My vote for Xoops is in!
Published: 2012/10/12 14:09 • Updated: 2012/10/12 14:09
XOOPS is First!
Published: 2012/10/12 21:18 • Updated: 2012/10/12 21:18
+1 for XOOPS!!!
Published: 2012/10/12 21:43 • Updated: 2012/10/12 21:43
Published: 2012/10/13 0:16 • Updated: 2012/10/13 0:16
Thank you, guys!

Please keep reminding XOOPS users/friends in your local countries to vote for XOOPS!

We need help from everybody!
Published: 2012/10/13 1:58 • Updated: 2012/10/13 1:58
New news posted on:

Avant XOOPS!
Published: 2012/10/13 11:31 • Updated: 2012/10/13 11:31
News posted on frxoops in the slider
Published: 2012/10/13 13:05 • Updated: 2012/10/13 13:05
German Promotion on Petitoops
Published: 2012/10/16 4:44 • Updated: 2012/10/16 4:44
I just voted! We need more votes to displace no.1 position. More publicity please..
Published: 2012/10/16 14:08 • Updated: 2012/10/16 14:08
I voted. You have until November 11 to vote. Click "Like this." Xoops needs you!
Published: 2012/11/9 11:09 • Updated: 2012/11/9 11:09
Please vote today! Please tell everybody to vote for us as the Best Free CMS
Published: 2012/11/9 14:52 • Updated: 2012/11/9 15:20
I voted and IRxoops team voted.

Published: 2012/11/12 6:59 • Updated: 2012/11/12 6:59
Voted few times from few accounts :)
Published: 2012/11/12 8:01 • Updated: 2012/11/12 8:01
Has my vote, I keep coming back instead of entering the drupal and joomla wells least to know it doesn't do xoopies, unlike joomlies and drupies
Published: 2012/12/4 2:51 • Updated: 2012/12/4 2:51