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Xoops Engine Alpha 1 Released

Posted by phppp on 2011/1/27 3:00:00 (20366 reads) | Posted on XOOPS
As announced back in August 2010 (check the article), XOOPS is moving forward with a brand new architecture.

After some refactoring during the past few months, today we are releasing the Xoops Engine to the public for testing as an official Alpha 1.

XOOPS, or eXtensible Object Oriented Portal System, well known as a leading open source CMS and portal system, now becomes an application engine platform for web and mobile applications.

Xoops Engine, as the new brand name for this new architecture, supports open and extensible engines with its multi-engine design. As for now there are three engines available:

- Xoops: the official engine with new architecture utilizing Zend Framework as the primary library and Smarty as the default view templating engine, as well as some third-party libraries like jQuery. Demo will be hosted on;
- Lite: a lite version of the 'Xoops' Engine with no MySQL required, aimed for high performance scenarios;
- Legacy: for backward compatibility to support legacy XOOPS modules and templates.

During the time of refactoring, the multi-engine mechanism has been examined and proven with a couple of independent engines for different type web applications.

By taking advantages of PHP frameworks like Yii, more engines will be provided by XoopsEngine development team, and community developers are encouraged to develop their custom engines as well.

Some selected features that were most requested by the community are now part of Xoops Engine:

* Built-in cache mechanism for high performance
* Clear MVC with AOP and event hook
* Extensible URL rewrite for better SEO
* App/module clone w/o code change

Relevant documents are still being prepared with more details.

The current preliminary Roadmap for Xoops Engine development in 2011:

* Alpha 1 in end January (this release), open to community conrtibution
* Alpha 2 in middle February, mainly for developers to review code and write most wanted applications
* Beta 1 in early April, for end users to start testing
* RC 1 in June, reasonably stable for production development
* Final in early December, celebrating XOOPS 10's Anniversary

From now on, based on our experiences with previous Xoops Engine group organized in Googlegroup, we'll be forming five public teams:

1) Engine development: primary architecture, backend and front-end development
2) User extension development: application, module and plugin development
3) Documentation: development tutorials and user guides
4) Theme and design: prototype design, graphics and front-end coding
5) Testing: functionality and performance testing

If you are interested in or available for any of the teams, we would like to encourage you to join, so we can move faster forward with the development.

Few important resources, as we go forward:

1) XoopsEngine source code:

2) Nightly builder for testing:

3) Code contribution guide:
4) XoopsEngine teams:
5) Project wiki:
6) Project discussions:
7) Installation Guide

Again, we invite the whole XOOPS community to contribute to this new and exciting chapter of XOOPS!

The XOOPS Development Team

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Thank you DJ, Great Work !!
Published: 2011/1/27 3:38 • Updated: 2011/1/27 3:38
Great news!
Published: 2011/1/27 3:59 • Updated: 2011/1/27 3:59
Published: 2011/1/27 6:24 • Updated: 2011/1/27 6:24
Looking forward to being a part of this. Feeling all goosepimply and everything... ;)
Published: 2011/1/27 7:35 • Updated: 2011/1/27 7:35
Great news! Shame the link to the project discussions isn't open... is that a private thread?
Published: 2011/1/27 7:52 • Updated: 2011/1/27 7:52
Shame the link to the project discussions isn't open... is that a private thread?

The permissions were set wrong.

Now they should work
Published: 2011/1/27 9:40 • Updated: 2011/1/27 9:40
As a newbie module builder I am left wondering a couple things...

I am assuming the Legacy support is to allow the older modules to work without modification when possible.

The Default engine I am guessing will have other ways to do the things now done in what will become legacy code. So as a module programmer at this point I am assuming that I should plan for the new way of doing things with X3, or should it be called XE?

I am also hoping that although this engine will support many different things, that we develop, document and support a "prefered" engine for modules and add ons designed to be the default and that the support for additional engines is mainly to allow modules and such from other systems to work without major modification in Xoops. I can see the confusion now if we have 4 or 5 different competing "engines" to program for. I would hope that the legacy engine would be considered more of a depreciated item to point people to writing for the new engine instead of people using the legacy engine to build new modules. The only exception to this is when modules are designed to work with 2.x as well as x3. Personally I will be trying to build my modules to work with both but by supporting newer code if it exists and fall back to the "Legacy" code if not available so it will work on both the new and old xoops.

Published: 2011/1/27 10:15 • Updated: 2011/1/27 10:15
Where is the release download link? I'd like to check it out.
Published: 2011/1/27 10:40 • Updated: 2011/1/27 10:40
It's listed there at the bottomm:

1) Xoops Engine source code:

but it seems like SourceForge has a problem with SVN.

Try in few hours at that link.
Published: 2011/1/27 11:08 • Updated: 2011/1/27 11:08
Thanks for this news :)
Published: 2011/1/27 16:32 • Updated: 2011/1/27 16:32
Is there any other link, or could someone provide a link that works.
I can not download.

Long live xoops.
Published: 2011/1/27 17:50 • Updated: 2011/1/27 17:50
Same problem here! Apparently there's a problem with sf redirect...
Published: 2011/1/27 18:38 • Updated: 2011/1/27 18:38
I can not download.

Forwarding to in 4 seconds...

Connection reset
Page is loading the server connection has been lost.
Published: 2011/1/27 19:52 • Updated: 2011/1/27 19:52
Package can be downloaded directly from
2) Nightly builder for testing:

Seems sourceforge svn is down at this moment.

Sourceforge is down after an attack ... 1/01/27/service-downtime/
Published: 2011/1/27 20:57 • Updated: 2011/1/27 22:57
Great news
Published: 2011/1/28 2:39 • Updated: 2011/1/28 2:39
Sourceforge download is not fixed yet.

A temporary download link:
Published: 2011/1/28 4:46 • Updated: 2011/1/28 4:46
This is awesome! I am excited about the whole refactor which may now actually push XOOPS into more prominence in the CMS scene.

Admittedly, just about all my module development pieces I have learned by example from other modules that have been written. Does a good spec or document exist which defines what a new module structure is going to be? Most of what I've developed has been built by example.

I intend to test whatever legacy wrapper is in development, but I would like to look forward and consider porting my work into a native XE module, sans wrapper.
Published: 2011/1/28 7:56 • Updated: 2011/1/28 7:56
My intention for modules I am writing will be to "store" all the xoops related functions in their own separate classes and such. That way it will be easier to modify them to work with ANY engine be it legacy, another CMS, XE or whatever. Once you have setup the classes it would be relatively easy to modify them to work with newer engines or whatever without totally rewriting all the code.

So there is no real need to worry about what the next engine will bring if you program your module to php5 terms and keep the engine specific code in its own special place. May not work with everything but it is a good place to start.

Published: 2011/1/28 8:30 • Updated: 2011/1/28 8:30
I have downloaded the phpbb version, install correctly and login also correctly but system -> admin area blank page with only debug info, i am only one with this problem?, i am traying locally at ,linux machine.

Included files:142 files
Memory usage:6779796 bytes
PHP Version:5.3.3-1ubuntu9.3
MySQL Version:5.1.49
Xoops Version:Xoops Engine 3.0 Preview
Zend Version:1.11.1
Smarty Version:2.6.22
Published: 2011/1/28 11:56 • Updated: 2011/1/28 11:56
I have installed at home on windows computer with xampp and admin access works correctly, i set the info.

Included files:276 files
Memory usage:13414968 bytes
PHP Version:5.3.5
MySQL Version:Not detected
Xoops Version:Xoops Engine 3.0 Preview
Zend Version:1.11.1
Module Version:3.0.0 Alpha1
Smarty Version:Smarty-3.0.0
Published: 2011/1/28 15:47 • Updated: 2011/1/28 15:47
XOOPS remains with the worst language files ever integrated in nova days CMS, with this
define("_PLEASEWAIT","Please Wait");
define("_TAKINGBACK","Taking you back to where you were....");
define("_MESSAGEICON","Message Icon");
define("_POSTANON","Post Anonymously");
define("_DISABLESMILEY","Disable smiley");
define("_DISABLEHTML","Disable html");

remains the least translated and maintained up to date language files, for the core and specially the modules. Over 300 - modules, 250 not compatible with any version of XOOPS, rest are with few outdated translations or with machine translations like Wishcraft modules. Where was the problem at least language files in this new release to look like this:
JLIST_MAILSEND_ERROR=An error occured sending this e-mail!
JLIST_FRONTEND_CAT_ACCESS_REGGED=Please register or login to download files from this category.<br /><br />

Much easier for developers and translators, here no one pay attention to International community.... in past there was a translation teams, now they do only the core and copy & paste of the news from this site plus translation.... ah and localized support forums, is that XOOPS Powered by You! ?

2 language files are enough, going away from this define_xza=("something"); will make it at least more user friendly and developer friendly.

From XOOPS 2.0.18 there are nothing good coming out as modules, only crap stuff.
The only good module showing the new things in XOOPS 2.4 was TDM Downloads, abandoned..... did u ask yourself why ? Bcz of the way of making modules for XOOPS. Something that can be done in 100k have to be done in 500k just to work in XOOPS environment.

CBB 4.0 RC forever, incompatible
WF-Downloads - dead
News - dead
Polls - dead
Gallery - dead
Links - no links
(all required modules for making localized site for support are gone, since 2.4)

XOOPS from 2.4 is just core without nothing, Technology Preview.
XOOPS 2.5 shows some good improvements in the administration and that's all. Just core, no modules for it, just to run a community portal for support and news regarding XOOPS.
XOOPS 3 ...... another fork of 2.5 just a bit more incompatible with every module listed on this site. Is this was the main idea of XOOPS ? And how come that the main news on this site are Site XXZ moves to XOOPS 2.4/2.5, is is a reviewing place for customers websites ? Don't think so.

If X3 have to be something good - should be changed till is Alpha.
Language files at first place
Since is eXtensible Object Oriented - this to be presented widely, from XOOPS 1.3 there is nothing about the templates for blocks and modules as documentation.
Themes - they're nuke, the good/bad old PHP-Nuke, left and right column, nothing more, what about ?
ExtJS - = no word about it. Administration powered by Sencha will be much more appreciated, do you take a loot at the competitors ?

Even Druapl 7.0 (still with it's not understandable taxonomy and booking) is much more better, at least have build module (plugin) to fix up the changes in the API so the older modules to work without much troubles.

That's my few cents about this "new" X3 engine.
Published: 2011/1/28 21:45 • Updated: 2011/1/28 21:45
@ DCrussader

Thanks for taking look at Xoops Engine and for your feedback. We do appreciate it.

If X3 have to be something good - should be changed till is Alpha.
Language files at first place

You're absolutely right that the we need something better in translations than what we used in the past.

The plan is to utilize Gettext in X3 and the new modules written specifically for X3. If you take a closer look at various X3 files, you'll see it already. For example, take a look at:


Of course, if we want to use older modules, we also need to provide the older way of defining language files.

There will be a lot of changes as we go forward, so please be patient.

But any and all improvement suggestions are more than welcome here, especially if they also propose concrete solutions.
Published: 2011/1/28 22:08 • Updated: 2011/1/28 22:16
@ DCrussader:

CBB 4.0 RC forever, incompatible
WF-Downloads - dead
News - dead
Polls - dead
Gallery - dead

I think, you haven't been here for a while, therefore you have some outdated information

CBB 4.0 - Dirk from Germany is working on it, current version is 4.03
News - there is xNews as replacement
Polls - has been updated recently by Mazarin
Gallery: Voltan is working on the extGallery 1.09

I agree with you that we need some more updated modules, but please don't see everything so much in black.
Published: 2011/1/28 22:15 • Updated: 2011/1/28 22:15
@DCrussader, you raised the very good question: how should i18n/l10n/translation be handled?

This problem has been discussed and various solutions have been proposed many times, same as theme and template mechanism. The Xoops software has move forward at development and coding layer, meanwhile user experience and functionality has to be BC for users at application layer. After many times of design and proof-of-concept development, we finally proposed the following solutions for relevant issues that concerns us:

1 i18n:
1.1 Xoops Official Engine goes with gettext --
1.2 Legacy engine remains constants
Gettext for Xoops Engine has been tested with engine kernel and some apps, APIs are not ready for end users yet. At this moment you only see the old-style constants, but if you check /lib/Xoops/Zend/Translate/Adapter/Gettext.php, it is already there. We hope gettext based i18n solutions will be presented to end users before Beta1.

2 theme and templating:
2.1 For templating, in Xoops Engine, multi-templating mechanism is supported at view layer. Smarty 3 as default, Smarty 2 for legacy modules (the compatibility, again!), Zend-style view scripting and pure php scripting are also supported
2.2 For theme and layout, multi-layout and layout-inheritance are introduced. For view layer, besides traditional module content rendering and block display, some new mechanisms are introduced, like local widget, applet (widget with direct fetch), remote widget, etc.
Designers are working hard on new themes, we hope they will present their arts to users by RC1 in June.

Finally, to talk about a "new" release, we actually care two points: 'code' - is the architecture and coding is modern and advanced for develpers? 'feature' - is the user experience good, the functionality rich enough for end users?
At this stage as Alpah 1, although some good experiments have been made on features like URL rewrite, but our efforts have been mainly focused on 'code' part. This release is intended to continue and enforce community contribution on both code and feature, so that we can get all we want ready during the alpha series and make it ready for beta as soon as possible.

From what you have addressed, I believe you still have many good points, and hope you continue contributing and commenting, like other developers, designers, document writers and translators who are working on the project, to make it a real 'new' engine.
Published: 2011/1/28 22:24 • Updated: 2011/1/28 22:24
Sourceforge is still down...

Could you give us a temporary link on xoops server so we can test it ? Can not wait to test !!!

Thanks Phppp, didn't see your link before to post :(
Published: 2011/1/29 5:58 • Updated: 2011/1/29 8:36

The plan is to utilize Gettext in X3

Well everyone using GNU Gettext is without up-to-date translations too, there are a lot of examples starting with Drupal and TangoCMS and my favorite in past Xaraya 2.2. Everyone picked up this way of maintaining language files goes into deep dark ....lack of interest.

CBB 4.03 is stated as RC too with many problems reported on this forums, doesn't matter that I don't have XOOPS Bulgaria yet, some ppl still uses XOOPS.

What about download managers ? - nothing since TDM.


1.1 Xoops Official Engine goes with gettext --

Did you ever asked the community (bcz is powered by the community You (or this You is You or me)), specially the translators about GNU Gettext ? I don't think so, add those 4 examples and voting poll and we will see what will win.

1. Tomato CART 1.1.3 - XML (Nearly impossible CDATA[ ] + PHP (define way)
2. GNU Gettext
3. Current PHP-Nuke way
4. Joomla! 1.5 INI Files

You can take a few minutes time to download this 4 applications, and to try to translate to Chinese 10 lines by application, to match the time and to see how angry u will be after this 10 lines :)

1. Tomato Cart XML files are nearly impossible to be translated, same as
2. GNU Gettext, even with build-in translator, this application remains with (almost like XOOPS or even worst) without translated and maintained modules.
3. Current PHP-Nuke way is ok for some ppl and no matter that u will translate 20 lines of text with
4. Joomla! 1.5 INI files for the time u will translate 10 in XOOPS (Nuke) way, XOOPS will go for Gnu Gettext, wow ?

And no word about or ExtJS 3 ?

At least re-pack 2.5.0 in the way of RunCMS with every working module for making blog, community portal, news portal, so ppl will not look like crazy there (in modules section) or SF modules section and trying by themselves which module work, partially work or may brake they're precious sties build on top of 2.5.0
Published: 2011/1/29 8:58 • Updated: 2011/1/29 8:58
For i18n, the methods you mentioned are all tested, at least by myself. We have Translate Adapter in Xoops Engine which makes translation extensible. By now two adapters are tested within our system: gettext, constant; other adapters are available in our libarary and ready to implement: Array, Csv, Ini, Qt, Tbx, Tmx, Xliff, XmlTm.
Which one do you prefer? Or do you have interest organizing a survey besides talking in the comments?

Download manager, is in process. Check /usr/apps/system/controllers/admin/ModuleController.php, you will see the verification and download API, not ready yet though., ExtJS, and many other great front-end extensions are all easy to integrate with our extensible view helpers and we already have the integration for jQuery which can be use as example for other extensions.

As this release is Alpha 1, development is not done for everything. I believe you have downloaded the package and checked some code. Can you please start helping work on docs to help community understand the new engine, or to work on proposals to help developers understand community requests better?

It is not convenient to talking about details in the comments. If you have time and interest, please pick one place for concrete proposals:
1) XoopsEngine source code:
2) Nightly builder for testing: or temporary link:
3) Code contribution guide:
4) XoopsEngine teams:
5) Project wiki:
6) Project discussions:
Published: 2011/1/29 18:42 • Updated: 2011/1/29 18:42

Or do you have interest organizing a survey besides talking in the comments?

Definitely, but there is no way to set up a Poll Thread here - , so I'm asking Moderator, Hero or (well I don't know user levels here) Administrator to set up such thread, to make it as Global Forum Announce, bcz everyone tries to translate something that is not translated, even one Swedish married for Bulgarian girl tries to translate XOOPS Modules in Bulgarian (?!?).


I believe you have downloaded the package and checked some code.

Yeah, I never install Alpha versions, Tech Preview Release and such (loosing of my precious time to release one or two translations), just checking the code and specially language files (which are my favorites)).


Can you please start helping work on docs to help community understand the new engine, or to work on proposals to help developers understand community requests better?

Well this can be done best by Herve (gone long time ago), Catzwolf (too), Mithrandir (where this magician gone) - one of the best XOOPS developers ever, ah yeah... you too (some of your modules are better then xNews for example). But my work on any open source projects are:

1. Beta/RC Testing, discovering and reporting bugs, missed or messed up functions.
2. Translations
3. Helping users to Understand the exampled project in this case module for xoops or xoops core, how works, why he/she get error somewhere and how to fix it.
4. Function suggestions
5. Security issues

And yeah, I know very well what means Alpha and Beta (also I was the one noted that is a bad idea XOOPS 2.5 alpha to be translated till is still in alpha or beta stages, bcz code maybe added or removed towards with the language files) and bcz the final result will be nothing more then a big mess (as language files).
Published: 2011/1/30 7:16 • Updated: 2011/1/30 7:16
I can't install Xoops Engine Alpha 1.
Where is the installation manual/document?
Published: 2011/2/1 23:53 • Updated: 2011/2/1 23:53
Installation Guide

Make sure you have the right PHP version
Published: 2011/2/2 0:00 • Updated: 2011/2/2 0:00
Nice to see that the Xoops Engine Alpha 1 is Released! Thanks, phppp
Published: 2011/2/2 2:34 • Updated: 2011/2/2 2:34

I could install Xoops Engine Alpha 1.
The cause was installer URL.
Published: 2011/2/2 4:22 • Updated: 2011/2/2 4:22
SourceForge Repository is already accessible. You can download and test.

1) XoopsEngine source code:
2) Nightly builder for testing:
Published: 2011/2/8 2:04 • Updated: 2011/2/8 2:04
SouceForge is down

I upload XoopsEngine in wamp server but the subfolders I see, are only:



PHP Version: 5.3.5
Apache Versione: 2.2.17
MySQL Version: 5.5.8
On XAMPP I see only:


Warning: include(/XoopsEngine/lib/Xoops.php) [function.include]: failed to open streamNo such file or directory in C:ProgrammixampphtdocsXoopsEnginehtdocsboot.php on line 33 
: include() [function.include]: Failed opening '/XoopsEngine/lib/Xoops.php' for inclusion (include_path='.;C:ProgrammixamppphpPEAR'in C:ProgrammixampphtdocsXoopsEnginehtdocsboot.php on line 33 

Fatal error
: Class 'XOOPS' not found in C:ProgrammixampphtdocsXoopsEnginehtdocsboot.php on line 34

Published: 2011/2/14 13:38 • Updated: 2011/2/14 14:11
Hi all,

I just installed it, but when i connect, i'm redirected to "XoopsEngine/htdocs/admin" where i get a blank page with only debug mode...

Any idea ?
Published: 2011/4/21 8:12 • Updated: 2011/4/21 8:12
Works very well with Mac OS X 10.6.7 and MAMP
Published: 2011/4/24 3:53 • Updated: 2011/4/24 4:36