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XOOPS Community is the Best!

Posted by Mamba on 2011/1/21 6:40:00 (4196 reads) | Posted on XOOPS
This year we've made to the Top 5 Open Source CMS in the Packt Publishing's Awards, but unfortunately we didn't make it to the Top 3.

One the judges (Bryan Ruby from CMS Report) published recently his evaluation scores.

The good news is that XOOPS got the highest score for the "Size and Support from Community" - the only CMS which got the "5".

I would like to thank each and everyone who provides support on the forums and is helping other XOOPS users. We have always stressed that our community is the most friendly and supportive, and it's nice to see it recognized and confirmed. Let's keep it going and keep helping each other, and especially those people who are just starting with XOOPS!

Also good news is that we were ranked #4, together with CMS Made Simple, and the difference between us and #3 was only one point.

So there are a lot of opportunities in 2011!


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This is really a great news!

Published: 2011/1/21 7:09 • Updated: 2011/1/21 7:09
Great news, and just proving what I've known for years

Viva Xoops!
Published: 2011/1/21 9:17 • Updated: 2011/1/21 9:17
Well Mamba has said it. In any project or even any operation the most important asset are the people involved, and its great to know that outside recognition is given for that. Most definitely Xoops will move up that Packet Publishing grading scale this year, is going to be one of the best years.
Published: 2011/1/21 9:25 • Updated: 2011/1/21 9:25
Maybe more focus is needed where no winners were identified: Performance, Customization and most important is Security in addition to the low graded areas like Ease of Use (Usability), Accessibility, Ease of Configuration and Scalability
Published: 2011/1/21 9:32 • Updated: 2011/1/21 9:32
We already knew... it's still great news!!!

Viva XOOPS!!!
Published: 2011/1/21 10:47 • Updated: 2011/1/21 10:47
What great news!

Published: 2011/1/21 13:40 • Updated: 2011/1/21 13:40
Well, this is good news.
Good to see that Xoops Community is the best, even that 'today' community is less active than 'yesterday' community (my opinion).
There was a time when modules development were more intense than core development and consequently Xoops community more enthusiastic.
Core development is good and has to go on, but we can't avoid to face the lack of compatibility between the core and a large number of modules. I believe that module side of activity makes a happier community, and Xoops modularity is great.
Published: 2011/1/22 3:07 • Updated: 2011/1/22 3:07
Core development is good and has to go on, but we can't avoid to face the lack of compatibility between the core and a large number of modules. I believe that module side of activity makes a happier community, and Xoops modularity is great.

with the adition of the lack of good themes. They often work nice on the frontside but within modules it often is a disaster.

Nevertheless, good to see xoops still settles within the top5.
Published: 2011/1/22 4:59 • Updated: 2011/1/22 4:59
Certainly, the community is awesome and it's one place where we do indeed stand out from the rest.

As far as those concerns about security, stability, performance, configurability, etc go ... we have an incredible opportunity to address those things within the context of X3. I would not feel right spending a whole boatload of resources bringing those things to the 2.x series of code where things could be served much better in X3.

Also mentioned was the lack of good themes. I don't know if I'd go as far as to say that there is a lack ... but many of them have a similar look and feel and there are few themes that really stir things up.

On the issue of themes, I think there needs to be more flexibility in defining layouts, where there's more than left column, right column, top LCR, and bottom LCR. Those things are certainly fine, but I think they should be definable. If that were so, I suspect the theme designers would have an easier time.
Published: 2011/1/22 16:34 • Updated: 2011/1/22 16:34
There was a time when modules development were more intense than core development and consequently Xoops community more enthusiastic.

We can all help - here is one of opportunities

I wish, we could build teams of developers working together on one module at a time, and make it up to par with XOOPS 2.5.0 and PHP 5.2+

Good example was the Spotlight/Slideshow module, and the ExtGallery module

There is a lot of talent here, but if work together in small teams, we can make a real difference. I am sure that most people learned about Agile development and Scrum, and we could do it here as well. Check out this video:

Maybe we can use Scrum for one of the modules as a practice, and then use it for more modules.

Anybody interested in joining such a team?
Published: 2011/1/22 17:54 • Updated: 2011/1/22 17:54
I have three scripts right off the bat slated for integration with XOOPS 2.5 at least to the transparent authentication level, however the programmers support documentation required to do this is either very well hidden or turf protected. Granted maybe it is better that the security aspects are not well publicized, but would you not agree that one of the core resources needed to assist new developers coming on board would be the availability of developers programming reference guides having adequate coverage detail to build a sound foundation on? Otherwise appeals to rally new developers sounds great for the most part but an exercise in futility as they are then left to the dynamics of the forums which can take much longer as it depends on the availability of the contributors (often the most experienced ones are loaded down with projects of their own). I love XOOPS in what little time I have been there because it was easy to get started and ramp up with, and it is great to see that you are on the fast track for updating module compatibility, as nearly a quarter of the modules I tested -including WSPROJECT had to be abandoned (of course my theme could have been at fault too). Some releases dated back to 2004. Documentation on a level of detail required for all aspects of XOOPS integration seems sadly lacking ,even on Google. I hope this direction is seriously considered as one of the pillars supporting the forward progress and quality control of the XOOPS world.
Published: 2011/1/22 22:33 • Updated: 2011/1/22 22:33
including WSPROJECT had to be abandoned

WSProject works for me in XOOPS 2.5.0 (see this post). Try the version from the trunk and see if it works for you.

And I agree with you that we need better documentation. We're always looking for people to help with that, but so far we didn't have much success. Maybe this year...
Published: 2011/1/23 0:20 • Updated: 2011/1/23 0:21