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The Blue Move - updating Xoops Classic Modules

Posted by Catzwolf on 2009/4/10 12:20:00 (105117 reads) | Posted on Official Mods
In our quest to get module development started again, we have decided to update the classic modules to run on version 2.3 and PHP 5 and over the next few weeks we will be adapting many older modules. WE have called this Phase "The Blue Move". (After the colour of the new 2.3.x module icons).

Resized Image

We hope that other module developers will follow suit and maybe we could actually bring new developers into the Xoops Module development Team and foster a Xoops Module. If you are interested in doing this please contact us.

Xoops FAQ v1.15

Download From Here

Discuss this module here

This is the first module to be given the 'Move to blue' treatment. This module has been 99.5% re-factored to use Xoops 2.3 and PHP 5 and the Xoops Objects.

The only new feature functionality we have added is the ability to use the Xoops Editors, and with this we have changed the original database table. So, please do not overwrite an existing version and expect it to work afterwards.

Xoops Members

Download From Here

Discuss this module here

This module has been updated to work with Xoops 2.3 and PHP 5.

All depreciated and erroneous code has been removed and this module should now work well on any Xoops Version.

Both these modules should be considered beta versions. We have only released them in advance to get some testing done. The next phase will introduce better looking templates and more languages.


We ask if you would kindly test these modules for us and give us as much feedback, bugs and relevant information required with the kick of development with these and other modules in the near future.

Temp Measures

While we are in the process of updating many parts of the Xoops and Xoops development site, we will be housing these modules On the Xoosla main site. This is only a temporary measure and we thank you for your co-operation on this matter.

Other Development

For the future development and care of module development now and in the future, we will also be moving all classic XOOPS modules to the Sourceforge SVN. We hope that this will entice developers to help with the active development of these modules and maybe some new ones.

What we hope to achieve is a better level in all areas of Xoops Module development, this includes templates, languages, documentation and of course the code. We hope that with releasing these modules, other developers can get a better understand of the Xoops Core and how to use many of the features available now and in the future,

Many thanks,


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Way to go, Catz!

Thanks for the initiative! It's awesome! And it was so needed!!!

As we progress with updating the modules, we'll be releasing soon updated "XOOPS Module Packs" that will work on XOOPS 2.3.3

And please join the team and help Catz with updating other modules as well. He cannot do all this by himself!
Published: 2009/4/10 12:33 • Updated: 2009/4/10 12:34
Thank you catz
you can find Persian translation for xoopsfaq from here:
http://xoopspersian.svn.sourceforge.n ... persian/modules/xoopsfaq/

and XOOPS members from here:
http://xoopspersian.svn.sourceforge.n ... ian/modules/xoopsmembers/

thanks again
Published: 2009/4/10 15:41 • Updated: 2009/4/10 15:41
Hi catz,

I will take myalbum-p and catads, there will be some new features in them for XOOPS 2.3 for myalbum-p and easy install without the errors in the SQL file..

Catads will have customisable fields like profile and will encompase a better advertising system as well as thumbnail generation and picture management.

The rebuild of catads is for rune as he has been reviewing many of the classifieds system but found they fell short on some features.

After those two I will see whatelse is to be done.. Perhaps you can send me a wish list wiht the modules attached.
Published: 2009/4/10 20:24 • Updated: 2009/4/10 20:24
Thanks bud,

Maybe we can discuss this in the XMDT mailing list and get things going there? :)

Or you can always call me sometime lol
Published: 2009/4/10 21:28 • Updated: 2009/4/10 21:28
@ wishcraft
That's real good news about catads, Hope you'll consider 2 feature in catads :

1. Advanced search : "find ____ in category ________ when price is less then ____ $
2. Caching categories - so it won't be a mysql-bomb as is now (when using 200 - 300 sub/categories).
Published: 2009/4/11 2:43 • Updated: 2009/4/11 2:43

About Catads :
Published: 2009/4/11 3:45 • Updated: 2009/4/11 3:45
As posted in the forums, I've grabbed this one for a php5 update and code overhaul as I suspect I'm one of the few who uses it. Development stopped at v1.58RC1.

Won't be quick, mind, as I'm using it as a learning project
Published: 2009/4/11 4:44 • Updated: 2009/4/11 4:44
Welcome to the development process JV :) Need help just shout k?


Published: 2009/4/11 6:53 • Updated: 2009/4/11 6:53
I get the message that the ZIP file ( is broken, cannot open it..
Published: 2009/4/11 6:56 • Updated: 2009/4/11 6:56
I have uploaded RAR version of these modules. Try that.

I used winzip 12 for this in legacy mode :/

Does anyone have version 8 of Winzip they could send me please?
Published: 2009/4/11 7:25 • Updated: 2009/4/11 7:25
Never mind, I downloaded it from

Published: 2009/4/11 7:39 • Updated: 2009/4/11 7:39

Firstly we should start a for module development as well as a google mail group.. ask mamba to do this as he is the moderator and as we know in dev tensions can run high!!

Also can you PM me your number, I give you a call when I get back from my holiday... 1 day!!
Published: 2009/4/11 16:41 • Updated: 2009/4/11 16:41
Great news

That´s one of the most important moves toward the full copatibility.

Thanks for the initiative.
Published: 2009/4/12 10:21 • Updated: 2009/4/12 10:21
I have problem for download all modules ( zip and rar )
Published: 2009/7/21 5:07 • Updated: 2009/7/21 5:07
Plz add "The Blue Move" banner at right side of and link it to this article or any other related page.
Published: 2009/11/20 5:41 • Updated: 2009/11/20 5:41
Plz add "The Blue Move" banner at right side of and link it to this article or any other related page.

Good idea! Will do....

Any designers who want to make this banner?
Published: 2009/11/20 9:31 • Updated: 2009/11/20 9:31
I have problem for download all modules ( zip and rar )

I'll look into it...
Published: 2009/11/20 9:32 • Updated: 2009/11/20 9:32

Resized Image

ok ?
Published: 2009/11/20 18:12 • Updated: 2009/11/21 18:21

Resized Image

Published: 2009/11/21 7:39 • Updated: 2009/11/21 7:39
Mowaffaq, thank for the banner. I've added it to the standard banners here, and also created few images and added them to the front page, and all the others.
Published: 2009/11/21 14:53 • Updated: 2009/11/21 14:53
Thanks mamba

I have an idea .. it's better to use first banner ( 400x70 ) for right side and also under one of right blocks like recent comments or support block or use second banner ( 468x60 ) under XOOPS Support Forums block at left side.
Published: 2009/11/21 18:20 • Updated: 2009/11/21 18:20
Hope it helps

Resized Image
Published: 2009/11/21 18:25 • Updated: 2009/11/21 18:25
Resized Image

Thanks you for the Russian!
Published: 2009/11/23 17:17 • Updated: 2009/11/23 17:17
Yep! All comments welcome !

I can´t put all langs , sorry if anyone can´t see there.
Published: 2009/11/24 19:34 • Updated: 2009/11/24 19:34
I have 2 sites which run on 2.0.17 and I am looking to move them up to the latest 2.4.2...

I am wondering why we are setting them up for 2.3.3 and not 2.4.2?

And what versions of XOOPS will these work with then once converted over?

I would love to join in the fun of converting these modules over but at the moment I am still working in excess of 60hours a week so I am hoping things work well right out of the box.

I realize that I can keep my sites at the version they are but that is no fun... ;)

I am redoing the sites from scratch so this is the time to make sure everything stays compatible.


Published: 2009/12/6 6:45 • Updated: 2009/12/6 7:06
I am wondering why we are setting them up for 2.3.3 and not 2.4.2

This is an old announcement, when the newest version was 2.3.3. Currently all the modules should be set for and tested on 2.4.2
Published: 2009/12/6 13:46 • Updated: 2009/12/6 13:46
Where can I get an overview of the current status of "The Blue Move"? Is it the list (which I thought was not really this, but more which modules works, whether they giver errors and warnings or not)?

As I said somewhere before, I am working on the XOOPS Poll module and hope to get some time to complete it during Christmas.
Published: 2009/12/7 2:24 • Updated: 2009/12/7 2:24

@Mazarin: lists are unrelated with blue move. Unfortunately I'm not developer, Im' not able to do something else

But your question is very interesting : wich modules are in the blue move ? who made what ?

I saw that Trabis has updated News module (now 1.65). I hope other developers will find time to update other cool modules (like myLinks )
Published: 2009/12/7 7:29 • Updated: 2009/12/7 7:29
Shouldn't there be a "Blue Module" area in the download area?

Or atleast maybe a "blue" tag on those modules verified to work under the "terms" of the project? I realize that saying they are compatible with 2.4.x etc is sort of saying the same thing but you can make modules that work under the newer XOOPS that aren't following the intended vision of this "movement". My intent I guess is if they are tagged as "blue compliant" then they should work under any XOOPS designed with this in mind.

Hoping the "blue" project will allow the modules to work in the future as well when XOOPS ends up in 3.x etc..

Published: 2009/12/7 9:30 • Updated: 2009/12/7 9:30
Move to Blue - XOOPS Partners ... id=310469#forumpost310469
Published: 2009/12/7 18:47 • Updated: 2009/12/7 18:47
All of the links to fail. It's in maintenance mode requiring a user name and password. Where else can I obtain the modules at?
Published: 2009/12/24 20:42 • Updated: 2009/12/24 20:42
i think i have been convinced to move my site
to Xoops
Published: 2010/4/13 22:37 • Updated: 2010/4/13 22:44
To our developers .. Any headlines or important notes must be consider during updating classic xoops modules ?
Published: 2010/5/16 16:10 • Updated: 2010/5/16 16:10
man i soo need to get on this and get me a blue icon.
Published: 2011/2/27 1:53 • Updated: 2011/2/27 1:53
Thanks for updating the modules, just what I needed. I will also take a look at what you have published at Sourceforge. Maybe I can help with the developing process of some other modules. Kind regards Colleen
Published: 2012/1/27 8:48 • Updated: 2012/1/27 8:48