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Moving Forward

Posted by JMorris on 2007/6/27 13:47:13 (14702 reads) | Posted on XOOPS
There has been much discussion and deliberation lately about the direction the XOOPS Project and Community are going. The following information should clarify much of the confusion that has been present as of late.

Quick note:

According to JMorris' statement on June 28th, the proposal for splitting Project and Community into different root domains is suspended due to JMorris's step down from Community management. The proposal will be adjusted according to JMorris' further explanation on his future role and xoopsinfo's future situation.

Project teams establishment and Project Council construction are being worked on as planned.

Management Structure

Currently, XOOPS is in a transitional period where we are bridging the gap from the old standard to a new open model. This is a much more complex process than seems at face value.

During this interim period the guiding body will consist of phppp and JMorris. Phppp (D.J.) will oversee the management of the XOOPS Project while JMorris (James) will oversee the management of the Community.

It must be stated that this management structure is not permanent. This structure is only temporary while we transition from the old ways to the new ways. As circumstances permit, more contributors will be participating in the management of the Project and Community.

To clarify, the various areas of the Project and Community will be autonomous, but will collaborate openly. All "Official" Project Teams will be managed by the XOOPS project while all Community Teams will be managed autonomously by their Team Leaders.

Facilities will be implemented to allow Community contribution to the project. However, the Community will not dictate the direction of the Project and the Project will not dictate the direction of the Community. Instead, we will all work towards the common goal of producing a quality CMS in an open and transparent fashion.

As we move past this transitional period, more control will be divided among the appropriate groups.

Official vs. Community

After all the discussion and considering all the points made, the following model will be implemented for the XOOPS Project and community.,, and any future "Project" sites will be managed by the XOOPS Project and respective teams. - This will be the "Official" homepage of the XOOPS project and will include promotional information about the XOOPS CMS, Core Development discussion, and links to other Project and Community resources. Only Core Development related discussion will be held at All community support will be held elsewhere. will be the "Official" home of the XOOPS Core Documentation; while will be used for XOOPS Core Developers to work closely with Community module, theme, and hack developers in order to ensure maximum compatibility with the XOOPS Core and to provide development resources for developers and designers in necessary cases.

Project and Community Teams

There have been numerous team proposals and nominations as of late. It is important that the scope of these teams is established clearly.

The team proposals started by phppp are Official Project Teams, meaning, they would be governed by the Official XOOPS Project and would solely focus on Core Development related issues and/or the websites that support the Official XOOPS Project.

Teams such as the Module Development Team and the Communications Team are seen as community initiatives and therefore will be operated autonomously by the leaders of each team. The XOOPS Project will not intervene in the functioning of Community teams.

All Official Project Teams are encouraged to perform their work on sites, while all Community Teams will be encouraged to perform their work on the Community sites.

Community Support vs. Project Support

The old model placed all forms of support on one site,; however, this is also one of the biggest reasons for restructuring. The reason for this being that promotion of the project was stifled by the general chatter of the Community.

Given all factors, it is wise to present a "best foot forward" in order to attract more developers to XOOPS and present XOOPS in the most positive light possible. Therefore, Community Support will no longer be held at, but will have a home at a community built and operated site; that site being XOOPSinfo.

Core Development related discussion will be held at while all English Community support will be held at XOOPSinfo. In addition to English support, XOOPSinfo will also host the team work forums for those Community teams that wish to use the resources available at XOOPSinfo.


There has been much discussion about how XOOPS should move forward. All of the points presented have been taken into careful consideration. After considering all points, the above structure and direction of the XOOPS Project and Community was agreed upon by the current management structure.

It is the desire of the current management structure that the changes being implemented will facilitate a more open structure where all members can participate in the greater whole that is XOOPS without concern of politics and personalities.

While many of the above changes are a drastic change from the "Old Ways" of XOOPS, the general feeling is that such a drastic change is necessary in order for XOOPS to progress into becoming a major Open Source Software Project.

It is the hope of the interim management body that members of the XOOPS Project and Community will see the big picture and will help usher in a new era for XOOPS where all members are treated as equals and where communication is transparent.

- Project Leader phppp
- Community Leader JMorris

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The comments are owned by the author. We aren't responsible for their content.

Thank you James and DJ for this important step forward!

@Communications team - this needs to be translated and distributed as quickly as possible!
Published: 2007/6/27 14:14 • Updated: 2007/6/27 14:14
XOOPSinfo-XOOPS Information Portal
Published: 2007/6/27 14:24 • Updated: 2007/6/27 14:29
Great news.

just one point. There is and

They seem to be run by different people... I may be wrong, but will the 'official' xoopsinfo site make it's location clear buy including a tld in all future references?

(not a complaint, just seeking clarification)

Published: 2007/6/27 14:26 • Updated: 2007/6/27 14:26

Have all been purchased and will all point to
Published: 2007/6/27 14:36 • Updated: 2007/6/27 14:36
This is huge and important step forward.
Published: 2007/6/27 16:03 • Updated: 2007/6/27 16:03
Great news and good communication. I support the premise of flat hierarchies but with multiple team leads (probably 3/team). This allows the community to ebb and flow, recognize the leadership of those that naturally become our leaders, deal with one person being on vacation or go MIA (missing in action), etc., without having the project blowup or wither away.

Key underlying principles for moving our community forward (to me) are:
* Personal Empowerment
* Personal Accountability
* Natural Leadership
* Flexible
* Coordinated
* Transparent, Open
* Documented processes

I'm looking forward to what we do together because together we can create change and make a difference!
Published: 2007/6/27 16:36 • Updated: 2007/6/27 16:36
Thx for the info. Where will the module repository and module dev forge (if it is to be continued) be hosted?
Published: 2007/6/27 17:18 • Updated: 2007/6/27 17:18
I personally have the domain name . I was planning to create a XOOPS website with a lot of modules and templates so everybody could see what is the best for them. (something like
If you're interested, we could use it for XOOPS project, I mean, if you're interested, I can share it and we could build something, few persons and I ?

Let me know : jerome |at|
Published: 2007/6/27 17:21 • Updated: 2007/6/27 17:21
Quote: will be the "Official" home of the XOOPS Core Documentation; while will be used for XOOPS Core Developers to work closely with Community module, theme, and hack developers in order to ensure maximum compatibility with the XOOPS Core and to provide development resources for developers and designers in necessary cases.

Has a person been named to maintain this site and will it be possible request documents, submit documents and give site feedback? (re:
Published: 2007/6/27 17:49 • Updated: 2007/6/27 17:49
RE: Poster: SpeedAirMan Posted: 2007/6/27 16:21:56

Error 403 - Forbidden
L'accès au fichier requiert une autorisation.
I just received this error msg.

Sounds good ... sending you a pm


XOOPS-End-User-Community <--> You are invited!!!

Re:davidl2 Posted: 2007/6/27 17:03
Demo Site Team (?) I must have missed that one.
Also requesting a pm or msn message does not seem open enough for me. Having a test site of my own, in operation I would be interested any responses he gets on this query.
Published: 2007/6/27 17:57 • Updated: 2007/6/27 19:19
SpeedAirMan - thank you for your kind offer.

As Phppp mentioned earlier, the new addons site is due to go live in a matter of weeks.

As part of this, an updated demo site - (based upon "Blue Nova's" past work on a "Module testing ground", but improved further) is due to launch soon around the same time. This site has been under development for several months.

The Demo Site team will, of course, be interested in any additional volunteers - so if you wish to help .. then they'd be interested in hearing from you.

If you drop me a PM with your email address or personal messenger (msn ideally) details - I can get in touch with you
Published: 2007/6/27 18:03 • Updated: 2007/6/27 18:03
Hate to sound negative, but moving discussion Away from is, IMHO a bad move.

And since the reason for it, is to 'move the negative discussions' it's really bad! Why?

Well, when the new teams start to work and we get the development going again, it should all be Possitive discussions, but they are then also gone..

I have to admit, that on my list of confusing website structures, where the content and resourses are spread around on multi-site servers, XOOPS comes in Just after PERL... with Perl's sites being a little more confusing...

I hope it wil help with Only 2 sites, but it sounds as if the structure will still be scattered around 5-10 sites, making it hard to find info, and follow discussions...

Just my 2 c.
Published: 2007/6/27 19:30 • Updated: 2007/6/27 19:30
To portuguese speakers, I published a translation in XOOPS BR:
Seguindo em frente

Comments and suggestions are welcome.

Valcilon Silva
Brazilian Certified XOOPS Support Site
Published: 2007/6/27 20:29 • Updated: 2007/6/27 20:32
1) Why would the tld xoopsinfo be .com? This is an open source project right? Seems to me that the support site should be .org! Sure stack .com & .net on top but .org should be the tld.

2) The whois of all the xoopsinfo domains is cloak & dagger? Ofcourse we know James owns them all & herko own among others im sure.

3) Why isn't this all under control of the XOOPS Foundation?

4) If someone wants to quit what is to say that they wont take there toys aka tld's with them?

From my position all should be .org under the foundation because that is what XOOPS is and stands for.

Not a commercial project...

Please lets make XOOPS truly open source.
Published: 2007/6/27 20:34 • Updated: 2007/6/27 20:34
Published: 2007/6/27 21:04 • Updated: 2007/7/12 0:05
1) Why would the tld xoopsinfo be .com? This is an open source project right? Seems to me that the support site should be .org! Sure stack .com & .net on top but .org should be the tld.

Because it was selected as an existing site that met the goals of the replacement of the Community support site. The site already has good SERP and PageRank and is well established. There wasn't sufficient enough reason to change the TLD.

2) The whois of all the xoopsinfo domains is cloak & dagger? Ofcourse we know James owns them all & herko own among others im sure.

This is called Private Registration as I don't like a lot of spam and junkmail.

3) Why isn't this all under control of the XOOPS Foundation?

It will be. That was part of the plan from the beginning. The xoopsinfo.tld domains will be handed over to the Foundation for protection and to guarantee the future of the site for the Community. The site is already hosted on the new XOOPS servers, again, protecting its future for the Community.

4) If someone wants to quit what is to say that they wont take there toys aka tld's with them?

See the above notes. Additionally, there are a total of 6 members (soon to be 7) from the community who run the site. 3 of which have full admin access.

Yes, originally, I owned the site. However, when it was selected to be the new community support site, the site immediately transitioned into being a true community site where no 1 person has absolute say.

From my position all should be .org under the foundation because that is what XOOPS is and stands for.

The .org TLD will point to the site as well. Think of .com as an abbreiviation for Community.

Not a commercial project...

XOOPSinfo is not commercial. Nothing is being sold there.

Please lets make XOOPS truly open source.

We are.
Published: 2007/6/27 21:16 • Updated: 2007/6/27 21:16
Ok, I think I can wait.
Meanwhile, looks like there is another xoops-demo site.


XOOPS-End-User-Community <--> You are invited!!!
Published: 2007/6/27 21:21 • Updated: 2007/6/27 21:27
Published: 2007/6/28 1:49 • Updated: 2007/6/28 2:19
Sounds really good!
Published: 2007/6/28 3:10 • Updated: 2007/6/28 3:10
Great wow from Czech.
Appreciate your approach, guys.

Keep up the good work.
Published: 2007/6/28 4:26 • Updated: 2007/6/28 4:26
James, thanks to have summed up things to clarify much of the confusion that has been present. the more days pass, the more the vision will be clear.
Published: 2007/6/28 4:34 • Updated: 2007/6/28 4:34
Where will the module repository and module dev forge (if it is to be continued) be hosted?

Tiny bump. To which site will module developers need to go for resources and discussion?. The discussions in the repository for a particular module are often helpful, so is the repository moving to
Published: 2007/6/28 4:34 • Updated: 2007/6/28 4:34
Official Project Sites
====================== (Project Homepage / Core Dev Discussion) (Project Documentation) (Core Devs working with Addon Devs)

Other Project sites may be built as needed.

Community sites
XOOPSinfo (Community Support) [Completed - only working on enhancements now]

Addons (Themes, Modules, & Hacks) [nearing completion]

Demo (Sister site to Addons where you can see things in action) [nearing completion]

XOOPSWiki (A community work space for Documentation) [Completed]

Note: Addons - will be visible in approximately 2 weeks.
Published: 2007/6/28 8:58 • Updated: 2007/6/28 9:00
Would the websites be update too?
I mean we definetely need a new theme and new graphics for, and all other related websites.

In fact, the Major problem with XOOPS is the lack of graphicality of the xoops. The current themes used in both websites are not graphica, and by graphic I mean something like Look at Joomla, there is a border which makes a nice distinction between the background (that changes over pages) and the content.

Other thing is, why don't we make a central XOOPS page, that can help users to go to each of these websites. Again, look at or, this connectivity between the websites make them look more professional.

Aside from both points, I request one new thing from the developers and team leaders: Please make a Teams page with actual picture of the developer and the team leader. This is very professional when working for a project. If you want to keep graphic avatars that's fine, but make sure there is a Team page with pictures and your biography in it. I'm not trying to be an intruder about your life or anything, but this is just something that every Company, Organization, or community has if it is professional. From Microsoft to Joomla there has been a Biagraphy page, with ACTUAL picture os the developers in it.

In a Nutshell---> Chnaging the team members is not enough to make this successful project ever beter. Making a website makeover, that makes the accessibility of all XOOPS websites, whether community or Core related, easier is the new solution to all problems.

Over these years, this accessibility has not been that easy. In fact, due to lack of Accessibility came the lack of comunication and division of XOOPS thereafter.

Aside to that, all modules used on are really old (2+ years ). I think we should definetly upgrade some, specifically this Newbb to CBB.

Some extra features such as Font management system and XOOPS editors need to be used here as well.THere is a list of extra cool features which I will be willing to give out, if you wish.
I have been saying these comments to the past 3 management teams, even joined the communication team, but no one has openely agreed to even discuss about these point so far.

Hopefully this management team will. I will gladly discuss this heavily in the forums if you wish.

Thank you in advance, for responding to this, I'd really appreciate it if I could get a response message.
Published: 2007/6/28 9:43 • Updated: 2007/6/28 9:44
See this is exactly the point I have been trying to make. There has been no thinking in any of this process what so ever. All these site should HAVE BEEN subsites worked into a new framwork within the main existing sites.

All this has done is create more confusion and is a complete and utter mess.

Also, why was it we were told months ago that most of these sites were near completion and now we can see that very little or nothing has been done at all?

You see, it is this sort of behavoir that creates mistrust in the community.

Get all these sites under one domain and under one nice theme as that is what the people have been asking for now for years.
Published: 2007/6/28 10:48 • Updated: 2007/6/28 10:49
thank you all. finally we see a real changes.

yes i like to see a professional layout for too
look at other big open source softwares
they all separate main site from "help" "addons" , ... should be attractive and promote xoops.
a simple light homepage with a big button for downloading the latest stable version and a header point to other related sites: Support | addons | ...

also its better to be without horizontal or vertical scroll.
Published: 2007/6/28 10:57 • Updated: 2007/6/28 10:57
Even if you want to put additional websites, that's fine, just make sure you connect it all unther one main page, and this conncetivity mean, we need a single Professional Theme with slight changes in color in background from site to site.
We also need to have additional subdomains redirected to those.

I don't, however, understand why subdomains were not uses? Why not ahve or instead of I'm sure is very well more established domain and people know it all,
The second thing is to reduce all these information on the websites,
just to name a few:

--The "Donation" block can easily be replaced with a nice red and distinctive riboon on the top right or left, saying "donate to Your Project."

--That "Powered bB" Block is clearly put there to fill space, no newbie use knows what the heck is Smarty and those professional enough to see it, can view that at the credits page.

--The search box should be implented into the theme it self, not in a block again.
more colors should be used, to encourage excitement, I prefer happy colours (not too black or white).

--For the site of the month, I rather ahve a screen shot of the website, than that logo "site of the month".

--Xoops book can be placed in the xoopsdocs section, and not on the front page, if you really want to have it there, you can make a random changable block there to show various featuring XOOPS products rather than only a book.

--The footer should be expanded to 2-3 lines with smaller fonts, to crunch more links in a less wider space. The GPL statement should be placed in the footer as well.

--The whole page should be kept within a border.

Aside to the above few changes, I kinda like Mamboservers idea of the Developer network, I think we really need this, as there are many good developers working on Xoops, who are not that recognized, using this developer network we can both recall them.

There are more possible changes which I did not list them all, but I will in a more detailed discussion in forums, if you wish.

Published: 2007/6/28 11:33 • Updated: 2007/6/28 11:33
It's my XOOPS demo website for my personnal modules for xoops, and only that.
Yes I've badly choosen the name sorry...I recieve visitors from search engines with keyword "xoops demo"...So there is a demand on that!
Published: 2007/6/28 13:33 • Updated: 2007/6/28 13:33
To: Poster: niluge_kiwi Posted: 2007/6/28 12:33:42
No Appolizies necessary.

You chose a very appropiate name for what you are doing. Welcome to the XOOPS community.

Drop by my site and add your name and bio...
see links and put your handle nilugekiwi-xx
the xx being the language pair for your native tongue.

After you make the page put a link to your site there... I will visit and we can exchange notes.


XOOPS-End-User-Community <--> You are invited!!!
see links edit and put your handle as nilugekiwi-xx the xx being the language pair of your native tongue. Post bio in the language you are most comfortable with.
Published: 2007/6/28 14:31 • Updated: 2007/6/28 14:41
I agree that the 'admin hacked' posts in the recent topics block do not help sell Xoops, so I can see the point in having a separate site to promote XOOPS as a CMS. I think most people would reasonably expect a demo site to be located elsewhere too.

However, if a new XOOPS user searches for 'Formulize' here on today, they get several posts in the 'News' section, a download link, some module-specific comments in the repository and an entry in the FAQ. If they post a support question in the forum the developer will respond (because the dev keeps an eye out for users who are having problems).

I can't see how the plan to run the repository and the community and the docs and the existing knowledge-base on separate sites can be an improvement on that.

To me, it seems like the capable and enthusiastic people who are involved in building these separate sites could have just as easily collaborated to improve as a central resource - had they been allowed to. The fact they haven't been allowed to is dissapointing to say the least.

I think looks fine (at least it's not using this crummy forum) but are all the members going to have to re-register there?

BTW At some point this discussion should be redirected to a forum thread, because after about 150 comments this thread will fail to render properly.
Published: 2007/6/28 15:16 • Updated: 2007/6/28 15:21
XOOPSinfo is not commercial. Nothing is being sold there.

But who is getting the money from GoogleAds????

James, that model is exactly what I was afraid of, and was arguing against. And now it's happening!!!

This is a separation of XOOPS site, and the community. As I've mentioned it before, I don't care about the physical location of the servers, but the support should be part of the XOOPS structure, e.g.

I don't care if today is high on the search engines - tomorrow it won't matter!!! But the confusion will stay.

Again, I do appreciate your work and contribution (and always did), but this issue continues to surprise me, because you're contributing to defragmentation of the community and don't seem to realize it or you just don't care, which would be very sad.
Published: 2007/6/28 15:49 • Updated: 2007/6/28 15:49
I wish I was getting paid by the pixel-inch of red tape and beaurocracy that dominates this website now. All XOOPS users need is a decent module repository that tells them that this module will not work unless... blah, blah. And a decent forum like CBB where you can see 'new posts' instead of the stupid 'recent topics' block.

Everything wrong here could have been fixed in a week.

My girlfriend could have done it in an day.
Published: 2007/6/28 18:36 • Updated: 2007/6/28 18:50
Edited by me.
Published: 2007/6/28 21:01 • Updated: 2007/6/28 22:01

How hard is this really?

Hell all the work already done can be set up under the correct sub domains so no ones time has been wasted in anyway.

Backup all the great info and work done on the other sites and restore it right here where it belongs in a XOOPS sub domain!

I hate to see the XOOPS future in control of 10 different domains owned by ten different people. I hear what JMorris said that they will be transfered to the XOOPS foundation along with all the other tlds.

Why should XOOPS be put in this position in the first place?? We don't need all the other domains we have the correct one right here!
Published: 2007/6/28 21:08 • Updated: 2007/6/28 21:08
Poster: script_fu Posted: 2007/6/28 20:08:40

How hard is this really?

From a technical standpoint - pretty simple. It is all a matter of domain pointers and DNS setup. But that's not the point

Backup all the great info and work done on the other sites and restore it right here where it belongs in a XOOPS sub domain!

This is different from your first suggestion and from a performance standpoint the results would not be acceptable nor desirable. This is the point.

What amazes me is the binary approach here - there are only 10 options (2, for people who don't get binary ). Separate servers for different functions only increases our ability to serve the community. How many times has the X.o website been down and no one knew where to go? With other servers, the answer would be so much more evident - (as you suggest),, or

Simple? Sometimes you have to go through the complexity to get to the simplicity on the other side.
Published: 2007/6/28 21:34 • Updated: 2007/6/28 21:34
D.J. wrote:

Quick note:

According to JMorris' statement on June 28th, the proposal for splitting Project and Community into different root domains is suspended due to JMorris's step down from Community management. The proposal will be adjusted according to JMorris' further explanation on his future role and xoopsinfo's future situation.

Project teams establishment and Project Council construction are being worked on as planned.

XOOPSinfo has been and will continue providing support for the community.

Teams: If you need a work space that gives you the tools you need to get your jobs done, you are welcome.

Users: If you seek help from experienced webmasters, you are welcome to post your questions there.

Browsers: If you want a centralized portal where you will find information from every corner of the XOOPS universe, you will find it at XOOPSinfo.

@all: XOOPSinfo is NOT *my* site. It is run by a team of 6 (soon to be 7) volunteers from the community. It was built from the community, for the community. It is not now or ever will be governed by the "Powers that be".

That is the stance of the XOOPSinfo Team.
Published: 2007/6/28 22:25 • Updated: 2007/6/28 22:25
Why does a site have to be on only one server per domain.
Isn't it possible to have one domain spread over several servers via sub domains and re-routing?
How does keep so many pages up and running under the same tld. Surely their site is not all on one server. They even have their international sites under the same tld.
One tld = one server seems not to be quite right, somehow.

Gone off topic a bit. sorry.

Published: 2007/6/28 22:57 • Updated: 2007/6/28 22:57
Thank James for the clarification.
We hope both "Project" side and "Community" side will move forward successfully with contributions from all XOOPSers.
Published: 2007/6/28 23:27 • Updated: 2007/6/28 23:27
Based on the article, and some of the postings, I foresee both sites working together at all levels to advance Xoops.
Published: 2007/6/29 14:14 • Updated: 2007/6/29 14:14
We are all here because we love XOOPS.ORG, it's like a mother to us that we give her a kiss everyday. I fully agree to some members that having a step mother will only create frustrations. What more if you have more than one step mother.
Published: 2007/6/29 21:51 • Updated: 2007/6/29 21:51
sounds good!
lets the core dev team focus on the XOOPS development and the community focus on the support
Published: 2007/6/30 10:32 • Updated: 2007/6/30 10:32
For what it is worth since Jmorris stepped down ......
Instead of new domainnames I prefer subdomains:

This way you keep all within one 'fabric' which for the endusers is also much clearer instead of new XOOPS domainnames.
Second this way you have to register only once to enter all the sections.
With the momentary website proposition (and in future?) I have to register on several related XOOPS websites to see and get the modules/themes/information/support I need.
As I can asure you, that way of working won't be end userfriendly.
But hey, this discussion has been held more than once during the past years.
Published: 2007/7/1 3:14 • Updated: 2007/7/1 3:14
Shine: The difference between Community powered (ie - not official) and "Official" sites does need to be made obvious.

However, all the domain name stuff is just getting silly .. at the end of the day - so long as we have a decent and clear design across all the relevent sites - and decent inter-site navigation - it doesnt matter what site you land on

I have a suggestion - a simple proposal.

"Community sites" - ie XOOPSWiki, XOOPSAddons, etc - which are powered by Community members - can have their own URLs... (ideally with nice and clear urls ) ...


Why NOT have a redirect page from as well?

I would suggest, and insist, only one thing.... a standard disclaimer before the relevent page - along the wording of:

"Please note - the following site is a XOOPSCommunity site, and is run by none-official XOOPS users. Opinions etc may not be those held by the XOOPS Project teams.

To Access this site directly - you can also use: (site url)"

Problem solved: 3 solutions included:

a) cross site navigation
b) navigation - by use of redirect page, which lists the true url - and also a disclaimer to protect the project etc
c) direct url - so the Community site can also protect it's own identity - and be clear it is not just another "official" site.

The other thing is - that Community sites will still have to follow the same sort of rules and guidelines as to any other XOOPS Local Support site - so they will have official quality control guidelines to follow.

BTW: This is a David opinion - etc etc etc

PPS: Please can people not shoot me down in flames - if you don't agree with me ... fine... but please be polite about it .. and I promise i'll do the same for you
Published: 2007/7/1 10:14 • Updated: 2007/7/1 10:14
I think I wasn't clear enough.
Looking at the momentary website....
I see a themes library, module repository, documentation (last is external).
As to my wish using subdomains this should be considered only to the main community issues. I am defintaly not talking about localsupportsites (ie german, dutch etc) or private persons who give birth to a within cms XOOPS tutorial/information/documentation website.
Local country/language supportsites can be mentioned within the menulink: local support (which is the partnersmodule).

Since XOOPS is busy in creating several off. teams, I think these teams should have their own
After all these teams are official xoopsteams!

This way you stay clear to the endusers. And that is what counts.
Published: 2007/7/1 11:42 • Updated: 2007/7/1 11:42
However, all the domain name stuff is just getting silly .. at the end of the day - so long as we have a decent and clear design across all the relevent sites - and decent inter-site navigation - it doesnt matter what site you land on

With all do respect to david.

I still do not agree we have the correct domain name right in front of us.
Published: 2007/7/1 11:51 • Updated: 2007/7/1 11:51
Published: 2007/7/1 17:22 • Updated: 2007/7/12 0:05
Hello Dave!

> Why NOT have a redirect page from as well

It would be the best to have a centralised system or a main door to the portal, like,, etc.

If one keeps the traffic on the main site, the portal gets very high ranking everywhere. By having sub-domains the traffic ranking increases.

However, by having totally different urls, the traffic on the site not only splits but also becomes difficult to remember for those who do not frequently use. Hence they will need an entry point through the portal anyway.

Further, all those subdomains of XOOPS are very easy to remember as mentioned above. Hence if a user remembers this system, it would be easier for him to remember rather than or variants!

Also any of the above solution could be made to resolve into a totally different ip address and a total different server to provide a total different access in regards to each area of responsibility.

However there is nothing wrong to have a principle system of subdomains as the main system supported by a secondary system of i.e.,,, etc., if they are all available! However, I find it too much of a management of having all those domains and in different variants like com,net,org, etc.

Also, I am now a bit unsure what direction people are taking in regards to module team. We are willing to start our work but there seems to be a total chaos and we cannot work further.
Published: 2007/7/2 3:06 • Updated: 2007/7/2 3:12
Published: 2007/7/2 3:15 • Updated: 2007/7/12 0:05
I think that there are more than 5 threads dealing about the same subject

Here is the last one I personally responded...

It is time for someone to take action.
Published: 2007/7/2 5:37 • Updated: 2007/7/2 5:43
XOOPSAddons, XOOPSWiki etc is not changing it's URL - but my post above will allow people who really must have an url on Community sites that option
Published: 2007/7/2 9:37 • Updated: 2007/7/2 9:37
I am in perfect accord with this.

However, I alway hate a redirection (per se)... like in a few seconds you will be redirected to... such and such.

I like to land where I thought I pointed my browser. So I prefer links.

I am against promoting any one site over the other unless they OWN the real-estate they are diverting the user/customer/client to.

Other wise the community is made up of sum parts of all that use the product.
Not just a chosen few.

This is apart from what I have any authority to even speak about, let alone implement.

This is project, and if I stray out of project into telling community what to do, I rest assured I will get my walking papers, and justifiable so.

I am to help bring the elements together, not tear them apart.

I hope we can work together.

Darcy - Community Coordinator.
Published: 2007/7/12 14:34 • Updated: 2007/7/12 14:34