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TwitterBomb 1.20 - Final Release (Stable) #1
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TwitterBomb 1.20
Community Release by Chronolabs co-op

Twitter Bomb allows you to place segments of a tweet into a database, and aggregate via services like twitterfeed.com tweets based on a sentence formed from a matrix of basis of sentences. You will be able to run a campaign on twitter and have your sentences randomly made from the segments of sentences known in this applicaion as the 'base' of the phrase.

Since this version there is also now two type of campaigns you can run, either a phrase bombing, or a scheduled tweet. You can import a list from a text file or log file, where each line is periodically tweeted on twitter as per your schedule. Including tabled filters for easy use and maintence as well as harvesting plugins that allow you to develop with TwitterBomb to retireve information from other sources like API, databases, text files, SOAP ports or many other places like modules on your website.

TwitterBomb 1.15 is the new Stable Release, we don't expect to be doing anymore releases of this application which is XOOPS 2.4 compatible as it is full of features and has all the nessecary details for expansion with plugins but after this we will be migrating to the module class wrapper making it only 2.5 compatible.

There is a mirade of options with this application. You can specify URLS to pass someone too included in the URL can be the phrase in a URL Encoded string so you can direct people to search engines and topics to do with the sentence.

Check out TwitterBomb in action on YouTube with this How To Instruction Video:

New Features Include:-

* Search & Retweet then Follow Campaign
* Odds Alotment.

Some Features Include:-

* Bit.ly URL Shortening
* Mounts as Twitter Application
* oAuth Classes
* Following Cron Job
* Gathering Cron Job
* Tweeting Cron Job
* Following Log
* Trending Keyphrase
* Filters
* Tag Module
* Asiigning twitter usernames to a nick
* Tweet Scheduler
* Tweet Importing
* Usage Log
* Filter Plugins for Tweet Scheduler
* Logging Plugins
* Keyphrase Harvesting Plugins
* .htaccess SEO
* Exclusive and Inclusive Categories
* Ban Protection
* Activity Hit Count & Latest Time
* URLs for Tweets
* Part Base of Sentences
* Campaigns
* Categories
* Sentence Makeup Matrix
* Twitter Usernames

Bugs Fixed:-

* Endless Loop in Twitter Search Routine (Fixed Retweet Backend & Cron)
* Config Specification
* oAuth Actions
* Cron Jobs
* User Details MD5 Miscalculated
* Broad Criteria Selection for Campaign and Category
* User Additions of Twitter Usernames
* WSDO on Keyphrase Matrix
* WSDO on Keyword (Sentence) Matrix
* .htaccess SEO is inclusive of go.html
* Category Save on Campaign Trail in Admin List
* Two Fields missing from SQL File
* Feed Cache
* SEO URL for RSS using wrong ending
* Only one campaign feed showing
* Missing Twitter Username after @ in feed
* Language Constants

Demo: http://xoops.demo.chronolabs.coop
Download: xoops2.5_twitterbomb_1.20.zip - 203Kb
Sourceforge: xoops2.5_twitterbomb_1.20.zip - 203Kb
wishcraft wishcraft
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TwitterBomb 1.22 - Critical Update #2
Fixes some endless looping in the cron when tweet limits are reached.

Demo: http://xoops.demo.chronolabs.coop
Download: xoops2.5_twitterbomb_1.22.zip - 204Kb
Sourceforge: xoops2.5_twitterbomb_1.22.zip - 204Kb
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Re: TwitterBomb 1.20 - Final Release (Stable) #3
Do you have to get Twitter's approval when new tools and platforms are developed? I would imagine so. There are a handful that are useless and a handful that are difficult to use.
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