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Problem with blocking Xnews #1
Hello, I have a problem, they are 2 days that I slam my head on the code but I can not fix.
The problem is on the block Latest News module Xnews version 1.71.
The problem occurs only with registered users, in practice this active block users get blank page.
The block, however it works fine with both anonymous users with the group webmaster.
Any other group from the same problem of the group members registered.
The version used is 2.5.3 xoops.
What is the problem?

easyb9 easyb9
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Re: Problem with blocking Xnews #2
i have no problem using xnew on xoops 2.5.3.
maybe the problem not in code but in database or xoops core .try use frameworks 1.22.
main problems in xnews is no css like news.
look bad when using firefox, opera. only good when using chrome
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Re: Problem with blocking Xnews #3
Try to contact Timgno - I think, he was doing something lately with xNews.
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