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xmnews module for XOOPS CMS 2.5.10+

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xmnews module for XOOPS CMS is a simple module for creating news (articles) for XOOPS. This complete module is an interesting alternative for posting articles on its website. This module is in line with the other modules of the XM family.

The latest new features from xoops are implemented. The module is delivered with basic bootsrap 3 compatible templates. If you are not using a bootstrap 3 theme, you will need to create your templates using the overloading of templates in your theme. In the extra folder you will find 100% responsive bootstrap 4 compatible templates. In the future only the bootstrap 4 templates will be offered.

The main points of the module are:

• Category management.
• Full permissions to customize access.
• Keywords (SEO) customizable for each article or automatic if the field is free.
• Automatic description (SEO) for each article.
• Management of possible articles from the user side (addition, validation, deletion and cloning).
• Several blocks available (Recent, most viewed, random and awaiting validation).
• etc.

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