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Theme Factory 7 - My new theme model to XOOPS

I bring to you another new version of the theme factory, a simple model themes for XOOPS, the package includes three variations of the theme, and thus a greater range of possible layouts.

The package also includes within the plugins folder:
- Nivo Slider for integration
- Skitter Slider for integration
- Menu dropdown for integration
- Lavalamp menu integration
- Megadropdown for integration

Integrate is very simple, just include the .html desired functionality in theme.html and call the .css and and .js respectives.

Demo: ... heme_select=theme-factory ... select=theme-factory-left ... ct=theme-factory-b-blocks

Resized Image

Resized Image

Resized Image


Hope you enjoy.
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Free XOOPS - Theme Sd-094-Blue-Print

Sinnedesign is happy to present the new FREE XOOPS Theme with the name Sd-094-Blue-Print . The Free XOOPS - Theme was made with friendly help from .

Resized Image

Here can you find the XOOPS 2.4 Theme Demo - XOOPS 2.5 Theme Demo.

And here is the FREE - Download Xoops Theme Sd-094-Blue-Print

Here is the direct Download - Link (without registration)

Have Fun!

News template Bootstrap FREE for Xoops

Xoops Demo is pleased to present to you last Xoops theme based on the Framework BOOTSTRAP

In this template, the structure of the theme was created entirely DIV thus removing all TABLE

Block Main Menu, User menu and connection has been customized with tools BOOTSTRAP

The "closed site" page has been customized

Other options have also been added

Thank you for these ideas to Grodunord

You can see here and download here

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Premium theme for

Recently I've finished a new theme design and development for This theme required the creation of custom components to make it work with the existing content on the site.

The aim was to create a theme based on customer specifications using xThemes and Common Utilities to provide a method of easy management and customization of the graphical features, while integrated with the modules in use on the site.

At the end, the target was reached and the customer satisfied.

In words of François:

We needed some professional work to refresh our community website, and make it serious but… fun. I think we've reached our goal

— François.
Webmaster of

The theme has the following features among others:

  • Based on xThemes and Common Utilities
  • Two different home page styles to choose.
  • Fully responsive
  • Support customization for colors and image backgrounds
  • Multilevel menus instegrated with xThemes menus
  • Support for rmcommon blocks
  • Special blocks
  • ... and even more.

Theme designed by Red México for

Theme designed by Red México for

And of course, this theme is a creation from Red Mexico.
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Xoops France: Mobile Version

It is with pride that the team Xoops France is pleased to present the new version of your support national francophone mobile version.

Now thanks to this application you can watch on your mobile phone or tablet every news forum, news, and stay in touch constantly with your favorite CMS
Frxoops mobile
In this mobile version, simplicity and ergonomics were the main objectives to navigate easily through the site.Vous therefore have access to the most essential items such as news, discussion forum, the latest sites Xoopsés the FAQ and that also the contact form.

The latest articles related to social networks were also included to allow you to watch live activities performed.

Tablette version :

Resized Image
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Xoops-2103 Theme Free

Resized Image

Design : WP Themes

Adapted for Xoops : B.Heyula !

Theme Demo :

Download :


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A new HTML 5 and Responsive Theme for XOOPS!

Today I am releasing another theme for XOOPS developed using Theme Factory.

Theme Factory is a framework for developing responsive themes for XOOPS, and in this version it is fully HTML5-based, and integrated with Bootstrap.

Resized Image

See online: ... select=themefactory-html5


Download: ... glefile.php?cid=22&lid=83

Hope you enjoy!
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XDResponsive: Free Responsive template for XOOPS

Xoops Demo is pleased to present its new theme called XDResponsive. This new theme is based on the system RESPONSIVE.

This theme can be used with Xoops 2.4.x and 2.5.x

It is compatible with all mobile devices such as Iphone, Ipad, Tablet, etc.

Optimized HTML 5 and CSS 3, so you can use it on browsers such as Firefox, Internet Explorer 9, Chrome, Safari

This theme is an adaptation of the generator Initializr

For can view Here or download Here
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News Theme for Publisher Module

Resized Image

Resized Image

The theme for the news Publisher module

Theme Design : ... t-for-your-personal-site/

Adapted for Xoops: B.Heyula !

Theme Demo :

Download: ... Themes/


Thanks for the module : Trabis
Thank you for Slider : Mariane
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