Developer News: MMS interface to XOOPS

Posted by: rogiermon 2003/8/20 16:08:39 4988 reads

We've created a MMS interface into the XOOPS portal. Currently this is tested with the MMS messages from T-Mobile in Holland, and succesfull tests have been done with MMS messages from Vodafone (this will be implemented shortly). You can post messages to XOOPS by sending the MMS to a specific email adres. The interface will then upload the MMS to XOOPS. You can test this by sending an MMS to and check the result at .

This interface is powered by ( which is a free online gallery of random MMS messages. You can post your MMS to by emailing to (T-Mobile and Vodafone). Another example is available at

If this is interesting for more users, we will try to setup a configurable interface that allows other XOOPS users to use MMS to upload content to their portal. Let us know what you think!