Modules: iContent module released at last

Posted by: hsalazaron 2003/8/6 8:51:00 8008 reads
Alban Montaigu, aka Vivi, has released version 4.0 of a hierarchical content management module called iContent. The module lets the webmaster control the on-the-fly activation/deactivation of files and directories, and shows in the module's page a folder view of the content. It also compiles pages for a quicker display, allows the manager to define which groups have access to resources at the page level and has many more functions.

For the moment you have to set the directories and upload the files using an external tool such as an FTP client, but once the resource is online, you can modify it with a very capable WYSIWYG editor. The module has files in french, english and spanish, and the included sample contains the documentation in french and spanish. English docs are in the way.

The file is available here.