Developer News: Module development team for Xoops v2

Posted by: Anonymouson 2003/5/9 14:08:43 6697 reads
I think everyone would agree with my point that one thing Xoops v2 lacks is 'Modules'. I know that compared to the other CMS out there Xoops v2 is new and with all things new, it does take time for things to 'grow'. But in saying that it sometimes doesn't help giving things a 'slight push' now and then.

Hopefully this is what this post is about to do right now.

Many new Xoops users and some old are put off due to the lack of modules within Xoops v2 and this needs to be addressed quickly and could be done quite easily or just let to each single module dev on there own.

My suggestion would be to start a 'module development team' with the sole purpose of updating old Xoops modules and migrating 'other' CMS mods or creating new modules to Xoops v2.

The benefits are plain to see for everyone.

The main idea is to assemble a large number of coders willing to help, not just in writing but also in helping each other when the need be. Each coder will be assigned a module to convert etc etc.

Any non-coders willing to help could deal with the admin side, docs, forum mods etc.

Also, I would be gratefull if a webhosting company would like to donate a large enough website to hold all of this together (I have someone in mind ).

The main idea is there, the concept is getting sorted out (in my head at least), now it is up to you coders and non coders out there who would like this become a reality.

Boobtoob here, personally I think this is a great idea. The core dev team (i.e. core XOOPS system) is always being asked to mod this or that. If we did, the core would be much further behind than it is now.

Catz has some good points here. One, we need documentation for some parts of the core like the forms class and some group and user classes (the forms class is a beast especially). Creating some doc will help the non developers get to speed quicker hopefully spurring more development. Second, while not optimal, porting of modules gets you the functionality quicker but, you can drag some old baggage if your not careful.

If you have any doc or coding skills, please coordinate with Catz in this worth wild endeavor.