Themes: New 3dBlack theme for Xoops2 RC3

Posted by: fritz_corneron 2003/4/5 23:59:13 8246 reads
Resized ImageYup, the never ending theme creation continues although this is my first theme. Looks good but there's probably a few bugs left.
Made it by making some heavy changes to the Springtime theme from Credits to him.

Might put it up for downloading on this Xoops site soon but there's a lot of graphical changes and in the meantime you can get it all on my site, There you can also get a nearly finished swedish translation for Xoops2 RC3. is a swedish site for us website creating loonies. Newly created, it will (i think) focus on creating a community based knowledge base including everything from design to programming (not just Xoops). Not much of that yet but sign up, share your problems and knowledge and we will definately get things working.