YAXS: inter\face -- New Xoops2-Powered Literary Magazine!

Posted by: bhhenryon 2003/4/2 12:12:12 4166 reads
I am pleased to announce the new Xoops2 incarnation of inter\face magazine. Inter\face specializes in new and experimental writing.

I moved to Xoops in attempt to build a stronger, more interactive community that can give direct feedback to the writers. I am hoping that in the future Xoops will develop a meta-moderation system something like what Scoop (kuro5hin.org) uses, so that the "selection" of "submissions" can be effectively done by the readers.

I am also anxiously awaiting the release of WF-sections so that I can import all of the legacy magazine material.

Feel free to visit and contibute! I welcome and comments and suggestions.