Modules: XoopsPartners 1.12 Final released for XOOPS 2.5.8 & PHP7

Posted by: Mambaon 2016/7/11 16:40:00 3178 reads
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XoopsPartners 1.12 Final forXOOPS 2.5.8 & PHP 7 has been released.

The Partners module provides a page and a block for displaying links to the websites of cooperating organizations, together with short descriptions and optionally logos. Typical usage includes recognition of websites that refer a lot of traffic to your own and ‘thank you’ pages for sponsors.

Download: GitHub

Development: GitHub

Tutorial: GitBook

You can contribute to the tutorial, as well as provide translation, on GitHub XOOPS Docs here

We would like to thank all the users and testers for providing their feedback and bug fixes.

Check out XOOPS on GitHub: Let's Get involved!

Some of the changes:

- changed "op" request from cmd to string (mamba)
- updated Help (mamba)
- addNavigation(basename(__FILE__)) (mamba)
- dirname(__FILE__) to __DIR__ (mamba)
- Unnecessary double quotes (mamba)
- reference mismatch (mamba)
- Hardening to type safe (mamba)
- update Help (mamba)
- replaced intval with (int) (mamba)
- require XOOPS 2.5.8+ (mamba)
- require PHP 5.5+ (mamba)
- removed '/' from void HTML elements (<br>, <img>, <input>, etc) (zyspec)
- updated phpdocumentor comments (XOOPS copyright, XOOPS Url, etc.) (zyspec)
- added XOOPS & PHP version checks on install/update (zyspec)
- moved images and css directories to ./assets (zyspec)
- renamed all template extensions from .html to .tpl (zyspec)
- general code cleanup for PSRx (zyspec)
- load stylesheet in block (zyspec)
- added XoopspartnersConstants class for constant definitions (zyspec)
- added block config to be able to trim title length (zyspec)
- added _MI_XPARTNERS_INCADMIN define, missing in previous BETA (zyspec)
- refactored /admin/main.php from functions to switch statement (zyspec)
- moved install/uninstall/upgrade functions to ./include/action.module.php (zyspec)
- removed all icons files and point them to /Frameworks/moduleclasses (zyspec)
- updated to the latest ModuleAdmin Class (zyspec)
- cleaned up page loads to reduce reduntant attempts at loading headers/footers (zyspec)
- fixed partner sorting bug in reorderPartners() function in ./admin/main.php (zyspec)
- minor cleanup of HTML output (display title below image in block if 'both' selected) (zyspec)
- fixed partner sorting bug in in ./index.php (zyspec)
- fixed bug in ./join.php template assign (zyspec)
- added ./footer.php, allows incorporation of language specific CSS (zyspec)
- changed defines naming to be more standardized with XOOPS norms (zyspec)
- added _AM_XPARTNERS_ADMIN_FOOTER & deleted _AM_MYLINKS_ADMIN_FOOTER in ./language/xxx/admin.php (zyspec)
- created ./language/xxx/mail_template directory and moved join.tpl, make consistent with other modules (zyspec)
- fixed inconsistent height/width maximums for images between admin and front side (now 150 width x 110 height) (zyspec)
- updated module version to 1.12 to be consistent with previously checked in 'changelog.txt' (zyspec)
- replaced Database::getInstance() with XoopsDatabaseFactory::getDatabaseConnection(); (zyspec)