Modules: Publisher 1.03 Final released for XOOPS 2.5.8 & PHP7

Posted by: Mambaon 2016/7/11 16:50:00 5652 reads
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Publisher 1.03 Final for XOOPS 2.5.8 & PHP 7 has been released.

This module is for publishing News and Blogs. Originally based on SmartSection, it improved heavily on it, and became the best Blog/News module for XOOPS. The key features:

- Categories and Subcategories
- Pages
- Four basic templates, custom templates
- File Wrapping
- Page/Category images
- File attachments
- Scheduled publishing and expiration
- Order by date, ratings, sort order
- Ratings
- Comments
- Permissions: Submissions, Submit/Edit fields, Categories, Pages, - - Moderation (global)
-various Editors provided by XOOPS
- Import from SmartSection and News modules
- Easy cloning (change the directory name)

Download: GitHub

Development: GitHub

Tutorial: GitBook

You can contribute to the tutorial, as well as provide translation, on GitHub XOOPS Docs here

We would like to thank all the users and testers for providing their feedback and bug fixes.

Check out XOOPS on GitHub: Let's Get involved!

Some of the changes in 1.03:

- Fix preg_replace /e ( (cesagonchu/mamba)
- fixed link to PHP Date info (cesagonchu/mamba)
- fixed New/Recent blocks not visible if only 1 article (cesagonchu/bleekk)
- fixed Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in profile/userinfo.php?uid=1 if user has no articles (cesagonchu/mamba)
- moved Clone icon to the right side (mamba)
- fixed Undefined offset: 0 in file /modules/publisher/class/file.php (bleekk/mamba)
- fixed Recent Articles List Block (bleekk/mamba)
- fixed Recent Articles Details Block (mamba)
- changed: if selected "Display block summary on articles page", both Summary & Body are displayed (bleekk/mamba)
- fixed bug in Latest news block (mamba)
- added copy blank.png in index.php (mamba)
- removed @version (mamba)
- standardization on addNavigation(basename(__FILE__) (mamba)
- standardize HTML $lt;br> tags
- replaced fputs with fwrite (mamba)
- code cosmetics (mamba)
- temp fix in /item.php (mamba)
- replaced self:: with $this-> in /class/item.php (mamba)
- removed references to objects (mamba)
- standardized getInstance (mamba)
- performance: (substr($color, 0, 1) !== '#') to (0 !== strpos($color, '#')) (mamba)
- renamed logo.png to logoModule.png (mamba)
- clean up clone (geekwright)
- revert several template variable changes to work better with override templates (geekwright)
- revert moduleUrl template variable to publisher_url to better support cloning (geekwright)
- remove pass-by-ref for non-vars (zyspec)
- fixed: bugs on submit (mamba)
- replaced XoopsFormTag with TagFormTag (mamba)
- adjusted TCPDF location to /class/libraries/vendor/tecnickcom/tcpdf/ for Composer (mamba)
- fixed: deleting item image (ggoffy)
- fixed: calling getSummary & getBody (bleekk)
- fixed: ->itemId (SMEDrieben/mamba)
- clean-up publisherStringToInt (geekwright)
- updates for PHP7, XOOPS 2.5.8 (mamba)