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Themes New free theme wgHouse

New free theme wgHouse

Hello Xoops Users,
as a small gift for Christmas I would like to present my latest theme

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wgHouse is a theme for XOOPS (

- Full Responsive Theme
- OnePage-Design: each block area gets an own section and can be style individually
- 3 diffent navbars included: for changing the style simply change the value of '<{assign var=navtype value=3}>' in theme.html
- developed with Bootstrap version 3

This theme is not developed for blogs or similar pages, it is primary for presentation of a company.

Online demo and download:

Live demo:

On this site I used only blocks to show the information.
The position of the different blocks works as follow:

- Header
- Left Blocks
- Center Block left
- Center Block Center
- Center Block Right
- Blocks Right
- Content
- Bottom Blocks left | Bottom Blocks Center |Bottom Blocks Right

Used modules on this site:
- Xoops
- Publisher 1.0
- Contact 2.23 (from or; this contact module supports showing contact form as a block)
- wgSiteNotice 1.24 (from
- CuErPa 1.0

The pictures included in the theme are only for demo and the reusage of them is not allowed.

I wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year