Modules: Gallery1.3.3 for XOOPS2 released

Posted by: onokazuon 2003/2/12 9:24:58 8588 reads
This module will no longer run on XOOPS2 RC1/RC2. Please upgrade your XOOPS to XOOPS2 RC3 or later and download the module here

Gallery is a very famous web-based photo album script released from With Gallery you can easily create and maintain albums of photos via an intuitive interface.

XoopsGallery is a module version of Gallery that has been integrated (not in full yet though) with XOOPS v2 template system and comments system. You can modify the appearance of the user side of Gallery by editing template files, and also users can post comments which can be then managed through XOOPS comment manager.

You can see the module actually running on this site here.

Please don't forget to make all directories under modules/xoopsgallery/cache folder writeable by the server.

- XOOPS2 RC1 or RC2
- NetPBM or Imagemagick library installed on your server


This module is still being worked on, and do have some bugs that will be fixed with the release of XOOPS v2 RC3. Please look at install.txt and todo.txt for details.