YAXS: Techfocus migrates to Xoops 2!

Posted by: broyleon 2003/2/10 9:50:55 5454 reads
I'd like to announce Techfocus's migration to the Xoops 2 Content Management System! We had been using the Postnuke CMS, but chose to migrate after the previous system was unable to handle high-traffic features on the site. The features which Xoops 2 brought to the table were specifically features we were looking for, most notably the caching feature.

We'd like to thank the developers of Xoops and various members for providing tips and advice - their help allowed for a successful migration of a large body of data from the previous CMS. You have our thanks and appreciation!

As to who we are...

A tech news website with daily news postings, reviews and commentary, Techfocus was established in March of 2001 as a 'hobby' site. As traffic increased through word-of-mouth, Techfocus has rapidly grown to now serve between 150,000 to 250,000 visitors a month, and continues to grow rapidly. Operating with no outside funding, Techfocus is not beholden to outside companies or interests - thus allowing the staff the additional ability to write features which can be both harsh or glowing, based on the merits of the subject. With insight on technological trends, Techfocus has become a reference point for end-users, influential companies and governmental entities around the world.

Techfocus counts among it's regular visitors companies such as IBM, Apple, Intel, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Cisco, Microsoft, Boeing, Philips, Dupont, Symantec, Motorola and Xerox.

Institutions and governmental entities who also frequent the site include the US Department of Justice, the World Bank, US Air Force, Israeli Air Force, Saudi Arabia's Consultative Council, US Army, US Navy, NASA, US Marine Corp, US National Institutes of Health, Harvard, Yale, Cornell, Purdue and MIT.

Techfocus content has most notably been featured and cited on Slashdot, OpenP2P, DigitalConsumer, GrepLaw (from Harvard's Berkman Center for Internet & Society,) LawMeme (a collaboration between the the Yale Law and Technology Society and the Yale Journal of Law and Technology,) and the O'Reilly Network.

Thanks again to the Xoops team, we look forward to becoming a part of the community!