Modules: Common Utilities RC and xThemes RC available

Posted by: bitceroOn 2013/3/12 2:16:22 6176 reads
Common Utilities and xThemes
I'm very glad to inform you that there are new updates for Common Utilities and xThemes available for direct download since Xoops México or trough the rmcommon integrated update system. Details below:
[size=x-large]Common Utilities RC[/size]
Common Utilities
Common Utilities is a new Module/Framework that allows to improve the general XOOPS features by adding new capabilities and provide a entire new environment for new modules. With rmcommon is possible to create a new kind of modules, more flexibles with better integration between them. In addition, with rmcommon plugins is possible to extend even more the offered features, by exemple, to integrate new external services or provide very specific behaviours.
As you can see, Common Utilities is now RC, thanks to all people that helped by reporting bugs and send comments. This new version contains a lot of improvements and fixes, including: ✔ An integrated updates system. This means that you can update any supported module with a simple click trough rmcommon. ✔ Writing of htaccess files. Now rmcommon supports the writing of htaccess file in order to facilitate the configuration of modules like mywords, dtransport, etc. and their friendly URLs. ✔ Custom codes. With custom codes you can extend the funcionallity of themes, plugins and modules by creating an easy way to add data in blocks, texts and more.. ✔ Plugins. Through plugins, is possible to add new features and specific behaviours to XOOPS or rmcommon. ✔ Very flexible new blocks system. With new block system you can add all blocks that you want using new positions that you can create acording to your needs. This means that you can integrate new blocks positions in your themes or templates in any place, without limitations of current XOOPS blocks. ✔ Adaptative new GUI. An adaptive web GUI for XOOPS that can be activated and deactivated according to the module where you work on. ✔ A very versatile image manager. A new image manager that can be integrated in any module or plugins easily. ✔ New system for comments. Easy to use and easy to integrate, rmcommon comments are more usefull and moderns. ✔ Very easy translations. Thanks to the use of po files, translate rmcommon and modules is very easy using software like poedit. This is a non exhaustive list of rmcommon features. You must test it in order to know and take advantage of a really new kind of modules. Very Important: Since this new version, all updates patchs for rmcommon and Xoops Mexico modules will be availbale through the integrated updates system. Full packages will be available as always but I recommend to update (for existing users) using the updates system. Download Common Utilities here.
[size=x-large]xThemes 1.5.2 RC[/size]
xThemes is a module, framework and theme manager that allows the creation of very powerful themes. With xThemes themes becomes in robusts components like modules. This means that themes created for xThemes can be installed, uninstalled, updated and integrated with entire web site by using custom plugins and Smarty plugins. An example of potential of themes can be found in the theme used by Xoops Mexico, or with the free theme called Inception. This new version mark the transition to RC stage and is available as update through rmcommon updates system or by direct download. Download xThemes here.
IMPORTANT: Common Utilities repository is now part of Xoops Repository on Please use Xoops forums in order to get help for rmcommon.