Modules: X-REST API 1.60 -Rest API with SOAP, JSON, XML & Serial Response

Posted by: wishcrafton 2013/3/5 4:10:00 7869 reads
X-REST 1.60 is a REST API for XOOPS 2.x series. It will work with earlier version of xoops as well upto XOOPS 2.5. It provides a full REST API with JSON, XML and Serialisation Responses. It uses the standard plugin set for the other APIs as well as this one to provide a streamlined solution to APIs on your site.

The plugins are not compatible with all other API by chronolabs. You may be familar with a REST api such as the ones at Google, Twitter, Facebook etc, this is just the same but allowing for API Action on your own website.
There is two reserved variables on the REST API which are the following: xrestplugin & outputmode.

Download: – 133Kb

New Features Include:
  • SOAP API (With WSDL)

Some Features Include:
  • SOAP API (With WSDL)
  • Database Access permissioning (Needs to be implemented in plugin)
  • XOOPS User Permissions
  • XOOPS Group Permissions
  • Universal Plugin Set

System Requirements:
  • XOOPS 2.5.x

Example Calls:
* JSON: ... +the+tweet&channel=sydney
* XML: ... +the+tweet&channel=sydney
* SERIALIZATION: ... +the+tweet&channel=sydney
Passed by Soap Function Call [username=name; password=1750f40030c6b07cd9f7a482a10593d9; tweet=this+the+tweet;channel=sydney ]

== 2013/03/03 17:12:23 Version 1.60 STABLE ==
- Changed /class/plugin.php Testing of plugins with eval() removed (Wishcraft)
- Changed /class/plugin.php Extension testing added to getFileListAsArray() (Wishcraft)
- Changed /include/server.php Preloaders added to main service bootstrapping (Wishcraft)
- Changed /include/server.php Execution Mode added to support SOAP + WSDL (Wishcraft)
- Changed /include/server.php parse_url() & parse_str() added to variable scoop for accuracy (Wishcraft)
- Changed /plugin/tweet.php tweet_xsd() renamed to tweet_xsd_soap() & tweet_xsd_rest() (Wishcraft)
- Changed /plugin/tweet.php tweet_wsdl_documentation() added (Wishcraft)
- Added /xxxx/*.* Commenting added to main functional routines (Wishcraft)