Modules: New Frameworks: WideImage_for_xoops

Posted by: black_beardOn 2013/2/24 20:40:00 5728 reads
Here is a Frameworks for managing images. Frameworks that is based on PHP class WIDEimage and has been optimized for Xoops. Version: 1.01 Minimum requirements
  • PHP 5.2 or 5.3
  • GD2 library


  • Loading Images
  • Save images
  • Adds noise to the image
  • Allocate a color by RGB values
  • Applies convolution matrix
  • Applies a filter
  • grayscale copy of the image
  • a negative of the image
  • Performs an auto-crop on the image
  • Corrects gamma on the image
  • Returns a cropped rectangular portion of the image
  • flipped (mirrored over horizontal line) copy of the image
  • Retrieve an image with selected channels
  • A method lays the overlay (watermark) on the image
  • Returns a mirrored copy of the image
  • Resize the image to given dimensions.
  • Resizes the canvas of the image
  • Rotate the image
  • Returns an image with round corners
Documentation You can find a documentation for developpers here in french and english. Download You can download here