Modules: Profile 1.78 - Tom Foley's Social Networks Edition

Posted by: wishcrafton 2012/6/9 8:49:50 7150 reads
Profile 1.78 - Tom Foley's Social Networks Edition
Community Release by Chronolabs

Profile module has taken a good turn, I have started to intergrate oauth applications like Twitter, Facebook & Linkedin to allow for uses to signup using those account creditentials from those social networks to both create an account on your system, reauthentication to that account as well as downloading avatars and customising the account as best can be.

Complete with Speed and locational checking, Profile 1.78 is the first release with any new features. I have also been developing in profiile 1.78 (which will be completed in later versions) an oauth 1.0 server, so profile will behave as a sentry for other websites using something like X-REST API and an oauth token to query APIs on your own site. This is the plan anyway.

Complete with service discovery and blocks for you to select which social network you want to connect from, I will be adding OpenID in the next version release. If you can suggest any other oauth application interfaces for authentication purposes then please comment or raise an issue for support of it, or forever hold your peace.

What is new in this version:
  • oauth server
  • oauth authentication with Twitter
  • oauth authentication with Facebook
  • oauth authentication with linkedin
  • Linked in authentication block
  • Twitter authentication block
  • Facebook authentication block
  • All Suported authentication block
  • Social network group assignement


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