YAXS: Swayamsat.org design updated, Feedback needed...

Posted by: nmshahon 2012/3/7 17:46:40 4141 reads
I have updated my site http://swayamsat.org with a new design.

The site is now using xoops 2.5.5 and the following modules

1. 3 instances of publisher (hacked to use common js, css files for all the clones)
2. Extgallery
3. Xoopsfaq (Having some issues with not being able to display categories based on weight)
4. Replaced Pical with APCal (Thank you DEDALE for all the updates to this module)
5. xForms

Also added the wibiya toolbar to the website.

I am not that good with color combinations, so kindly suggest if there is something that I can change to make the site more pleasing to eyes and easier to use.

The next on my todo list is to replace discuss with facebook comments on the blog section.