Modules: Smallworld 1.10 RC: Social Networking module for XOOPS

Posted by: culexOn 2012/2/9 16:40:00 31161 reads
Smallworld v1.10 RC is ready for download and testing.

Smallworld is a social network module with extended profile, wallupdates & commenting, Image gallery and the ability to follow other users and if you're interested in reading their profiles you can add them as friends.

Most administrative jobs are done from frontend. The admin cannot edit updates or comments but he has the ability to delete unapropiate messages if he so choses.

Administration has these features:
- Automatic check server file and give message when new version or a critical bug fix is available

- Statistic
- how many users is using smallworld
- Most active last 24 hours
- most active allround
- average messages per day
- best/lowest rated users

- User administration
- Take user down for inspection. A countdown is showing when this users friends visit his profile. He can se his own but cannot see other users profiles and they cannot see his - until Admin clear inspection.
- Delete user. Admin can only from here choose to delete a users acount. All the users content will be deleted including updates, comments and images.
- Admin can also get at status overlook of the users and registered IPs
- Settings
- Choose to use Google map api or geonames database. These are used in registration/profile and is active in city fields
- Define typical items (how many updates per page etc)
- Admin can choose to use email notifications ie. Users will recieve mail when new comments in a thread they're active, Admin recieves mail when a complaint is sent, new registrant)
- Admin can choose to direct all userinfo links in xoops to smallworld profile
- Admin can choose wich fields will be used in registration and wich of these needs validation.

- Front end
- Profile
- Users can see cities from profiles as google map.
- Make friends. You can only view the profile and picture gallery of friends. Except admin he can see them all.
- Follow others. Their updates will be shown in your indexpage. In the profile page only your own messages are shown.
- Image gallery
- Delete or Upload single image or bulk. On closing the upload image page, you'll automaticly be taken to edit image descriptions page
- view your image using galleriffic image gallery.
- wall
- like/dislike updates or comments. But not your own
- image links or links to video, music etc are embeddded in the wall (like facebook and others)
- Use searchbar to inline search for other users.
- If you feel the need you can make a complaint about comments/users from frontend.

- Others
- You can also see stats from frontend. See who has birthday today, wich users are most active, best/worst rated.
- Change avatar from frontend and see it replacing your image without pagerefresh
- See your ratings / comment count
- When your followers make updates and your stationary on a page a small update button will apear with a count of how many new changes has been made.

I should mention though this is still a RC only so changes will be frequent as I am sure there are still some bugs hiding in there needint to be fixed. So dont use on a production site.


Xoops 2.5
Php 5.2
Xoops ModuleAdmin 1.1 (for XOOPS < 2.5.4)
Mysql 5.0.7

Download Smallworld v1.15 RC3

[EDIT] The download above has been updated to "1.15RC3"