Modules: TDMMoney 1.1

Posted by: Mageon 2012/1/11 19:30:00 5787 reads
FreeXoopServices team is pleased to announce the release of TDMMoney 1.1.

List of bug fixes

- Bug with redirection (Mage).
- It was impossible to edit an operation in the administration (Mage).
- Utf-8 characters not displayed correctly in PDF (Mage).

List of improvements

- Administration area has be recoded to be 100% compatible with xoops 2.5 (Mage).


- See the file "lang_diff.txt" for changes in language.


1 - You have to delete the existent folder "TDMMoney" in "modules".
2 - Upload the new folder "TDMMoney" to your server in the "modules" folder.
3 - Update the module.


- The module uses the Framework "ModuleClasses", it is necessary to install it on your site.
- The module works only on xoops 2.5x


- TDMMoney 1.1