Modules: xTransam 1.16 - Manual/Automated Translation Tool

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xTransam 1.16
Community Release by Chronolabs Co-Op

Automated Language Translator for XOOPS 2.5.x, 2.6.x, all languages on the google API Supported. X-Transam 1.14 RC is a translator for XOOPS - it allows for core language files as well as module language file. It will import them off the hosting and write them in the correct XOOPS Location. Supports utf-8, utf-16, utf-32 & Unicode All formats.

Compatible with all Unicode, utf-8, utf-16, uft-32.

Please watch this introductory demo of XTransam 1.15

From Chronolabs & The XOOPS Project

  • Multiple Translation API Plugin System
  • Manual Translation
  • File by File Editor
  • Import a define keyword set
  • write to system
  • admin only
  • encoded storage (Any Database)
  • Recursive folder reproduction
  • 2 APIs for Automated Translation

System Requirements:
  • XOOPS 2.5.0 +

Bug Fixes:
  • Google API Provider - Array Postion of Translated Text
  • Google API Provider - Array Position of Error Code & Message

Please note I do believe the Google API doesn't work on local host ( this has always returned a message that it has reached is daily limit.

Download: - 114Kb
Mirror: - 114Kb