Developer News: MySQL Control Center

Posted by: w4z004on 2003/1/12 13:23:19 7074 reads Searching for news into mysql i founded this beautifull toy!
that can be downloaded HERE

a little more of info :

MySQL AB has introduced a new graphical administration tool for MySQL. MySQL Control Center is a simple to use GPL multi-platform GUI client tool to manage MySQL Servers.

It provides a powerful and convenient way of effective MySQL Server Administration and its very intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI) allows one to create and modify most of the database objects in a trivial manner.

Some of MySQL Control Center's core features are the following:

*Write interactive queries with a complete syntax-highlighting SQL editor. With MySQLCC, you can construct queries using a syntax-highlighting text editor, and then view the results in a configurable table display. The table view includes support for viewing images stored in BLOB fields. Due to MySQLCC's versatility, these "BLOB Editors and Viewers" can easily be extended or customized by making use of MySQLCC's new Plugin engine.

*Database and Table Management
MySQLCC makes it easy to create and manage databases and tables, including views for the entire table and field attributes such as comments and key lengths. You can also check, repair, and optimize tables.

*Server Administration
One can easily view and change server variables, as well as view server status information and view and/or kill MySQL processes. MySQLCC also supports multiple servers.

A more diluted list of features include the following:
Inline editing for tables (INSERT, DELETE, UPDATE)
Create / Alter tables
User Administration
Server Administration
Table tools
Plugin support
Create / Delete databases
Fully customizable (including layouts, hot-keys, fonts and even themes)

All for all, MySQL Control Center takes the simplicity and reliability of the MySQL database server and makes it even simpler. MySQL Control Center is the new most effective way of making your MySQL experience more enjoyable.