Modules: Xpayment 1.34

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Xpayment 1.34
Modular Gateway and Modular Modules for Payment Transactions
Community Release - Sponsored By Chronolabs Co-op

Xpayment is a module that allows you to write customised payment gateways, as well as having modular hooking stratum in the module with a second plugin section for modules and responses to invoices.

Complete with Gateway plugins you can easily customise this module for your payment gateway in a few files. There is many benefits to using xpayment as the standard for intergrating payment into your modules. It has a modular plugin system for gateway invoice responses so your module will know when an items has been paid for.

Perfect for intergrating any shopping or purchasing with other XOOPS Modules, with modular plugins for transactional functions in other modules.

Also with Warehouse PLC Plugins and other functions which allow you to intergrate your payment gateway with other systems in your business.

This is the new standard for gateway and payment solutions with XOOPS.

We have a translation project underway this archive from time to time will be patched to include more languages - currently comes with the 1.31 in other languages. - I ask that all that have translated the module for other languages please make the new constants marked at the base of the language file marked for version 1.33.

There are no known bugs and the module has been declare stable in its SDLC - in this version; 1.34 this is the final version that will be released which is compatible with XOOPS 2.4 Series, later versions will have the module class wrapper so they will not run on XOOPS 2.4.

New Features Include:
  • Control Panel Invoice Filters

Download: (6Mbs)
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Some of the current features include:
  • Centralised Language Constant's
  • Automated Tax based on IP Location - IPDB
  • Fraud Testing on Transactions
  • Invoice ID Protection
  • .htaccess SEO
  • Fee Compensation
  • Security Deposit
  • Secure JSON Payment Button
  • Email Permissions
  • Gateway Permissions
  • Diverse Modular Plugin
  • Plugin Gateway systems
  • Modular Plugin and Action hook
  • Easy Form Post from any module
  • Itemised invoicing
  • Multicurrency
  • Tax Itemisation
  • Recursive Billing with Cron

Payment Gateways Included:
  • Paypal
  • Zombaio
  • CCBill

Bugs Fixed:
  • WSOD on ID provided for Invoice
  • PHP Versioning Error with JSON Adaptorl
  • Invoice Status not being marked Paidl
  • Gateway Transaction Cursor Not being marked
  • Mailer Fields being Specified
  • Template Formating