Modules: WF-Section 0.9.2 Final released

Posted by: Anonymouson 2003/1/9 18:28:22 4095 reads Wf-Section 0.9.2 final has been released to the public.

This release is mainly a major bug fix and with some minor updates to the previous version.

Whats new in this version?

1. Update script that will update from all previous versions, looks rather nice too
2. Groupsaccess has been updated (Thanks Danielblue) and is more user friendly now.

In admin. Check box has been repleaced with multipule choice box, easier for websites with many different groups.

User side, those groups who do not have access to a gategory or article will not 'see' them and no more you do not have permission pages now.

This also affects wf-section menu, recent articles and search pages.

One bug remains and I cannot figure it out yet, if you click that only anon can have access, so does the webmaster to those area's?? but the rest works as it should.

3. Categories with no articles will just show category header and footers, with a link going back to the main menu or previous category. This can be used as a way of putting information regarding each category.

4. Pull down menu for sub categories, I have changed this to only show each sub-category rather than every category and sub-category.

5. Moved the 'modify section' to the top of the page, for ease of use.

6. New logo and admin logo

Bugs fixed:

Well here we go then!

1. Extracode in the themenews.php caused a blank page in admin. fixed
2. Extra code in the preview function caused an error when previewing an article, thus producing a possible blank page fixed.
3. Downloads fixed, forgot to add the URL infront of the download path, this caused 'A not found' error.
4. Moved the WYSIWYG editor form xoops/include into the WF-Section/include to stop a conflict with the orginal or other WYSIWYG editors.
5. Moved the Groupaccess.php from xoops/include to WF-Section/include ass this is now updated and could cause problems with NSections. You may of course use this, but not sure it if will work. Feed back please??
6. Block problems, a bug in the Recent article block caused a couple of major problems. This conflicted with xoops registration and PM blocks (Why I do not know?) and this has not been resolved. All of those blocks now work.
7. Theme problems with comments, this problem arose due to the fact that I tried to end an 'if' statement in the wrong place and has now been corrected.
8. Html and smilies checkboxes, once checked they would stay 'checked' even when unchecking them. This was a bug from the original 0.61 and this was due to these varibles not getting passed on when storing in the database. I also changed some of the code for these.
9. Groupaccess when previewing an article, this was due to me not setting a switch and a missing bit of code, fixed now. Maybe still not 100% working, feed back please!
10. Missing graphics (blank.gifs), I have done a workaround for this at the moment and hopefully I have managed to fix this for the time being. V1 will use a different method for section graphics that will not use the 'blank.gif'.
11. Section images in main menu when sub-categories. These images where not shown where they should have been and now show in the correct place, as the name of each sub-category.

There have been other bug fixes or modifications, to many to list. But these above are the important or main fixes/changes.