YAXS: Jlmzone Upgrade to 2.5.1 plus Facelift with sliders in blocks

Posted by: jlm69on 2011/6/9 17:31:20 3962 reads Resized Image

Upgraded from Xoops 2.4.4 to 2.5.1 no problems at all, so far.

I also upgraded my Forum Module from CBB 3.0.8 to X-Forum 5.76

Both things took about 2 hours. Not bad at all.

Don't know if there is a script to migrate CBB to X-Forum but I did it manually.

I also recently updated the theme on jlmzone.com.
I kept the old colors, although I don't know why.

The new theme has two versions one is not really Internet Explorer friendly unless they use compatability mode.
Use the theme changer to see different versions of the same theme, and the old one.
I will probably make that my default theme in a few days or so. I will also explain what users should do if they use Internet Explorer, so it's all good.

I couldn't use it on any other site right now, but I have less than 25% of my users that use Internet Explorer, I'm proud to say. Shooting for less than 15% by the end of the year.

I have added some sliders as blocks on the site. One left block, one right block and a center block, all using bxSlider, and all on one page, just to show it can be done. One slider shows my modules, one slider Explains what Internet Explorer Users should do, and the third one only registered users will see because it is the original content from the bxslider website.

I like Led Zeppelin, maybe that's why I chose bxSlider.

Over then next couple of weeks I will be releasing the code in my blocks and the css files for everyone to use, simply copy and paste my code into a block. Put the block on any pages you want. The css file will be documented a little.

Like I said the slider is bxSlider, I just fit it into some xoops blocks. Believe me it wasn't the easiest thing to do, but not to bad either.

And Thanks to Xoops for making it all possible, and wishcraft for releasing x-forum.

Stop by and check it out.


Let me know what you think.