Modules: gwreports - MySQL reporting tool for XOOPS

Posted by: geekwrightOn 2011/5/22 20:08:40 8547 reads
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gwreports - geekwright Reports

geekwright, LLC is proud to announce the availability of gwreports, our MySQL reporting tool for XOOPS.

gwreports allows the module administrator to enter SQL queries in such a way that they can be run by users in a controlled manner. The module administrator defines reports, which can consist of one or more SQL queries, known as sections. Access to a report is strictly controlled by the group permissions the module administrator assigns to it. A report can take parameters, such as a date range, if needed. The column output of a report section can be customized with a variety of formatting options. Reports can be organized into a menu system by topic, or accessed through system blocks. All of this is done without any programming required; only the creation of the SQL query is needed.

Some possible uses include, adding visibility to data already collected within the CMS, making data from external sources visible in the CMS and providing access to archived data.


Demo System:

For more information, please visit gwreports on SourceForge at: