YAXS: Extraterrestrial Embassy Upgrades to XOOPS 2.5.0

Posted by: wishcrafton 2011/3/4 18:20:00 4309 reads
Extraterrestrial Embassy

ETE has been upgraded to XOOPS 2.5.x series of XOOPS, the upgrade from XOOPS 2.4.5 went without a hitch and it is now running the latest version of XOOPS.

All the modules where updated as well to the latest versions. ETE is the hub for with Corporate and Government as well as Personal bodies on the planet earth.

In aware of NOOSA and other faculties of the UN, it operates as it own chronological oasis on the web. There are several of these in the world, most being the basis of organised religion which most higher sentient lifeforms with deep space travel such as type 2 and type 3 civilizations find this pragmatic.

ETE is more sectarian in basis and has no basis of function in organised religions like the raelien. We are looking for more ambassadors, we are looking for one per country and hope you will make contact with us should you wish to become your countries ambassador.

We have been acknowledged by several other species, from fly overs and abductions, and often the webmaster house is buzzed with scanners and assorts of other contraptions.

To contact ETE email consulate at extraterrestrialembassy dot com. IT is product of the XOOPS network, as not all page impressions on the internet are homosapient sapient and the counter and balance of the physics of multiple worlds is part of the balancing ETE provides.

Modules Used:
  • System 2.1
  • Liaise 1.25
  • xSOAP 4.4
  • X-cURL 1.50
  • X-JSON 1.50
  • Sightings 1.95
  • xPNEWS 1.27
  • Spiders 2.66
  • xPayment 1.29
  • Profile 1.6
  • xForum 1.57
  • Tag 2.3
  • News 1.4
  • xReaggregator 2.52
  • Protector 3.4
  • Xortify 2.3