Modules: Webcams 1.09

Posted by: wishcrafton 2011/2/4 8:07:46 4341 reads Webcams 1.09
Webcam chat rooms with free, group and private chat!
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This was a module I formed over a few days it is a remake of the busines example from eSensual Networks which is in the process of rebadging to iStreaming Networks.

Currently there is no payment option with this module, it is freely distrubuted and you can get test accounts from the company providing the server bandwidth and hardware.

We have developed this in conjunction with David from iStreaming which means he has also requested an xPayment option as well which will be looked into over the next number of months.

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iStreaming offer a managed backend service for websites that want to provide for their members a high quality broadcast style video chat. Free and pay per minute rooms are supported.

iStreaming service attaches to your existing website via a customizable video chat Player we provide. You can use Flash H264 video and Speex/MP3/HE-AAC audio or Windows Media video and audio.

All billing for your members is done on your website using your merchant account. Our secure gateway API allows you to update, create, and query member information in our database.

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